Rich Eso’s Fresh Vinyl Live talks about X-Plus King Ghidorah, Sakai ’89 and more

The Fresh Vinyl Live crew chat about the upcoming X-Plus King Ghidorah, review the Yuji Sakai Godzilla 1989 and get into the Chiller convention next week where all three Godzilla suit actors will be in attendance. I’m also touched that they took a moment to make fun of me. …Bastards.

Pre-orders for X-Plus King Ghidorah Open! Plus, new details on figure.


X-Plus Large Monster Series King Ghidorah vinyl figure. Photo by X-Plus.


Pre-orders have begun for the X-Plus Large Monster Series King Ghidorah 1968!

You can order the Ric Boy version of this figure at the official X-Plus Ric Boy Online Shop. The cost is ¥38,880 (currently $361.09) plus shipping. The Ric Boy version comes with a mini Kilaack Saucer. (UPDATE: In addition to one Kilaack Saucer, the Ric Boy also comes with a Fire Dragon version. That’s TWO saucers! I don’t have a good translation of the page, but it seems to say that the Fire Dragon Saucer will be a regular Kilaack Saucer covered with non-removable “fire parts”.

Order from X-Plus Ric Boy Online Store

The Standard Version (no saucerS) is already up for pre-order at Japanese site for ¥32,850 (currently $305.08). AmiAmi has an English-version site and ships outside of Japan.

Order Standard from

UPDATE: Hobby Search will NOT be selling this figure due to its large size.

I’ve been getting emails asking me if Flossie’s Gifts & Collectibles will be selling the X-Plus King Ghidorah. The answer is no (sorry!). This figure is licensed for Japan only. Flossie’s sells only X-Plus figures licensed for North America (Diamond Reissues). If you want King Ghidorah, you’ll have to grab one from one of the sites mentioned above.


• As mentioned in a previous Kaiju Addicts post, King Ghidorah will come with two wing pieces made of sturdy ABS plastic. They will not droop in the summer heat. They will come loose in the box and will need to be attached.

• The interior of King Ghidorah’s body will be reinforced with ABS “innards” designed to accept the wing joints and will be strong enough to hold them up.

• As previously reported, King Ghidorah’s heads will be injection molded pieces while the necks will be vinyl. The Ric Boy site now reports that the necks will be reinforced with metal wires. This will support the necks (two of which reach out almost horizontally) and prevent them from sagging in hot weather. (The same technique was used on the X-Plus Biollante tentacles.)


King Ghidorah, despite it’s large size, is a part of the Large Monster Series and is in scale with other figures in this series (which are typically 25cm tall). Like the X-Plus Biollante, King Ghidorah’s large size (mostly from its wings and center head) does not grant it membership to the 30cm Series line.

The X-Plus site states that it will be 32cm (12.5 inches) tall from the top of the middle head to the ground and 47cm (18.5 inches) from the top tip of the wings to the ground. The width (from wing tip to wing tip) is 62cm (24.4 inches). The length from the furthest-reaching head to the tips of the tails is 51cm (20 inches).

Dimensions for the Kilaak Saucer which comes with the Ric Boy Exclusive have disappeared from their site. But they originally posted that the saucer will be 15cm (5.9 inches) in diameter. That’s pretty big for an extra!

Pre-orders for the X-Plus King Ghidorah end October 27, 2014 at the Ric Boy Online Store. The figure is expected to be released in December.

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New Details on the Upcoming X-Plus King Ghidorah

X-Plus Toho Large Monster Series King Ghidorah Vinyl Figure.

Our friends at X-Plus were gracious enough to provide us with a few details on the new Toho Large Monster Series King Ghidorah vinyl figure set to go up for pre-order later this year:

As some have already guessed, the wings will be made of ABS plastic which is not prone to drooping when the temperature goes up. (The wings on the Toho Large Monster Series Mothra Imago 1961 were also made this way.)

The wings will come lose in the box and will need to be attached.

Some collectors were concerned about the heads. Two of the three are stretching forward almost completely horizontally. Would this make them prone to drooping in hot weather? Also, would we need to attach them? It looks like a complicated joint to manage.

X-Plus says that the heads will be made of injection parts. I don’t know if this means they will be plastic or vinyl. If you think you know the answer, chime in in the Comments section.

The necks will be made of vinyl. Okay, so here’s hoping they won’t sag in the summer!

The heads and necks will come already attached to the figure.

We were wondering if the tails would be filled and weighed down somehow, to counteract the weight of the wings and the forward-reaching necks. The answer is: they haven’t decided yet. They said, “Some extra material may be added.”

It’s hard to guess if it’s even necessary without a good side view of the figure which we haven’t seen yet. We’ll just have to trust the experts at X-Plus.

This figure is scheduled as a December 2014 release and will be landing on our shelves soon!

X-Plus Tail Attachment Demo by GodzillaFanFreaks

Tail attachment is one of the things most asked about in the X-Plus collecting hobby. Here to reinforce the technique of “Hot Butt, Cold Tail” is the GodzillaFanFreak himself, Everett Grodin.

Using the newly released Diamond Reissues of Godzilla 1962 and Hedorah, Everett shows you how to get the tails on ridiculously easy.

See more of his reviews at GodzillaFanFreaks Youtube Channel.

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News: X-Plus Mothra Imago 1961 Pre-orders Start; Godzilla ’64 Cancelled

X-Plus Large Monster Series Mothra Imago 1961 Vinyl Figure.

Today, X-Plus replaced their “tease” graphic for a Large Monster Series Mothra Imago 1961 and Godzilla 1964 Set with a live page taking pre-orders for Mothra only. It seems the set is off. …or postponed. or I don’t know what. The Google translation of their announcement is unclear.

It reads:

“(Adult) resale decision Mothra!
Emission gimmick has also been built, boy Rick limited edition, will be limited resale.
Due to the various circumstances, Mothra of the 1964 edition was postponed, suddenly, resale decision. For production after this product, by some modification of the mold, to manufacture the 1964 edition, this will be the last chance available to ensure the Mothra (1961 edition). If you missed the last time to buy, wished for one another, it all means at this opportunity! This product is the boy Rick limited sale item. Is not available for purchase in retail stores. Please note.”

It sounds to me like that set was actually going to feature a 1964 version of Mothra! Well, don’t get too excited. The idea is off the table for now. And more than likely a long time since it would be weird to sell two versions of Mothra at nearly the same time.

Either way, the UBER RARE Mothra 1961 is coming back! X-Plus plus says the Ric Boy edition will come with the same light gimmick in the eyes. What is unclear is whether or not there will be a standard edition. Right now, I’m thinking no.

The Ric Boy Mothra 1961 is going for ¥19,332 (about $176 right now). Preorders are open now and will close October 6th. Release is expected in late November.

NOTE: X-Plus says that they will use the mold for this figure to make the 1964 version, so this is your LAST CHANCE to get Mothra 1961!

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X-Plus Sakai ’89 Ric Boy Delayed

X-Plus Toho 30cm Series Yuji Sakai Godzilla 1989 Vinyl Figure.

The X-Plus Godzilla 1989 Sakai Ric Boy figures will be delayed until Late October.

Standard versions are still on track for September 30.

Please refer to the Ric Boy Site and your favorite online translator for more details.

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‘Fresh Vinyl Live’ talks X-Plus

It’s been quite a while since I joined fellow collectors on Rich Eso‘s Fresh Vinyl Live stream on YouTube. I was really glad to be back with Rich, Diego Doom, Samson West, David Dopko, Skreeonk’s Jon Bumpus, the Tokyo Toy Fiend, Cody Roberts and Dell Champagne Martinez. (Hope I didn’t forget anyone!) Saturday. We talked about the X-Plus Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995 and a slew of other X-Plus topics. If you have THREE AND A HALF hours to spare… check it out!

Happy Collectors Pose with their Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995

Collectors pose with their new X-Plus Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995.

Got GBG? These happy collectors do! The standard version of the X-Plus Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995 has been turning up on doorsteps all over the world! Special thanks to everyone who sent in a Size Comparison Photo of themselves with the GBG!

See Even More Collectors Photos on the Review!

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