High Resolution Images of X-Plus December Lineup at SciFiJapan.com

High Resolutiion photos of the X-Plus' December Lineup at ScifiJapan.com.

Head on over to SciFiJapan.com‘s X-Plus Giant Monster Figure Lineup for December 2015 to see HIGH Resolution images of X-Plus’ December Releases. As usual, they also provide complete details on each figure!

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An Interview with Gee Okamoto and a Peek at What’s to Come from X-Plus

Gee Okamoto from X-Plus.


Gee Okamoto has been the main force behind the X-Plus line of Godzilla and Ultraman vinyl figures for the past 17 years. His work has culminated into the modern line of ultra-realistic figures (post 2009) which so many collectors love and are now so addicted to.

He has graciously agreed to spend some time for an interview with Kaiju Addicts to let us know what in the works at X-Plus as well as a taste of what’s to come in the not too distant future.

KAIJU ADDICTS: Diamond Comic Distributors visited Tokyo last week hoping to finalize plans for the Godzilla figures to be sold in North America. Did the meeting go well?

GEE OKAMOTO (X-PLUS): Yes, it did. Currently there won’t be any more changes in the current plan, basically.

[ Diamond will be putting out about 5 Toho 30cm Series Godzilla figures sometime during 2016-2017. ]

KAIJU ADDICTS: Can you tell us anything about which Godzilla figures DCD will carry?

GEE OKAMOTO: Only that they will come from the Toho 30 series.

KAIJU ADDICTS: Is it possible that the North American (Diamond) versions of some of the figures will be different? E.g. a Godzilla 2014 in Roaring Pose, or a Godzilla 1984 with closed mouth?

GEE OKAMOTO: We are planning to go ahead with the same figures which were released in Japan. However, I am examining the possibility of different versions.

KAIJU ADDICTS: Bluefin Distribution will distribute the Toho Large Monster Series Biollante and Ghidorah. There was often trouble with the Ghidorah boxes since the figures would break while shipping. Has the box been modified to prevent this?

GEE OKAMOTO: Yes, of course. The packaging has been revised. A release date has not yet been decided.

KAIJU ADDICTS: Is it possible that Bluefin will distribute more reissues from the Large Monster Series? Even the smaller figures closer to 25cm?

GEE OKAMOTO: It’s possible because the license permits it. As I understand it, as of now, DCD is licensed for 1/6 scale which would include the Toho 30cm Series. BlueFin is licensed for 1/8 Scale figures, which includes the Large Monster Series.

[ Gee goes on to explain that the 1/6 scaling applies to the size of the suit actor which would fit inside the figure, not the figure itself. ]

KAIJU ADDICTS: X-Plus will soon release the Toho Large Monster Series Total Advance Complementary Set Vol. 1. (Manda and Mothra). Will there be more sets to complete a DAM line-up? Can you tell us more?

GEE OKAMOTO: I want to keep an open mind and consider things. I will wait for ideas from Kaiju Addicts. (laugh)

[ Vol. 2 with Baragon and a mini Flying Varan has since been announced. ]

Mechagodzilla 2.

KAIJU ADDICTS: You made a Large Monster Series Godzilla 1995 and then almost immediately after that, a Destoroyah. Can we expect more Heisei figures to come out soon?

GEE OKAMOTO: I will start making plans for a Heisei Mechagodzilla next year. I am also interested in a Heisei King Ghidorah, but that would be more costly, so we’ll see.

KAIJU ADDICTS: There have been many 2-figure sets coming out lately. There was a Godzilla 1966 and Ebirah set. A Mothra Imago 1964 and Godzilla 1964 set. And most recently, a Biollante and Godzilla 1989 set. Are there plans for more re-issue sets in the future? Maybe a Large Monster Series Godzilla 1971 and Hedorah Landing Stage set?

GEE OKAMOTO: Of course, I would like to think so. I like the idea of putting out a color set of Gigantis The Fire Monster.

[ He is referring to the Toho Large Monster Series Godzilla 1955 and Anguirus 1955.]

KAIJU ADDICTS: Collectors everywhere want a Female MUTO figure. But, so far, a company has not stepped up to make one. Are you interested in making a Toho 30cm Series Female MUTO?

GEE OKAMOTO: Of course, I am interested. But, I am considering it carefully because the MUTO’s are not very popular in Japan. An X-Plus MUTO release may be slightly difficult.

Knifehead from Pacific Rim.

KAIJU ADDICTS: Do you still want to make figures of kaiju from Pacific Rim?

GEE OKAMOTO: I am already developing a Razorback (sic.) figure and a Knifehead figure. They will be in the Large Monster Series, but their size will be substantial, about 1/350 scale. These will be releases for Japan only.

[ I’m not familiar with a PR Kaiju called Razorback. It’s possible that he is referring to Leatherback. Arlo Hansen from The Kaiju Planet has told me that the production team had different names for the PR kaiju, so “Razorback” may actually be something else. We’ll have to wait and see. ]

KAIJU ADDICTS: Do you want to make an X-Plus figure of Shin Godzilla 2016?

GEE OKAMOTO: We weren’t able to obtain any significant details on this design yet. If we do get any advance information on it, it would come only slightly earlier than it would for the public. Either way, if we do plan to make a Shin Godzilla, it would come well after the movie is released. We need to be motivated to start development for this figure and that can only come after we see the movie.

KAIJU ADDICTS: Do you have plans to make figures based on the newly designed CGI Kaiju from the new Ultraman TV series coming out in July 2016?

GEE OKAMOTO: No, I’m sorry. There are currently no plans for that at the moment.

KAIJU ADDICTS: The Large Monster Series Gesura has been announced. This is the last kaiju to complete the X-Plus line-up of original Ultraman kaiju. What will happen next for original Ultraman 1966-1967? Will you make more Reborn versions?

GEE OKAMOTO: There are a lot of figures I’d like to make Reborn versions of. However, there are also a lot of other kaiju which we haven’t made at all yet. I will proceed with both and try to keep a balance between the two.

KAIJU ADDICTS: Collectors often say they would like X-Plus to make vehicles from the movies that are in scale with the figures. The Xilian Saucer or Super X for example. Did you ever consider making these?

GEE OKAMOTO: I’ve never considered that, but it does sound interesting. I do like dioramas. I will keep an open mind concerning this in the future.

KAIJU ADDICTS: X-Plus made a flying Mothra Imago 1961 and a flying Mothra 1964. Do you want to make any other kaiju like Rodan, Hedorah, Battra or Megaguirus in a flying pose?

GEE OKAMOTO: I often consider making Rodan in a flying pose. As for Hedorah, we have already made a small one [ as a Ric Boy extra]. I will consider this more in the future.

KAIJU ADDICTS: Kaiju like GMK Baragon 2001 and Fire Rodan are smaller kaiju. Is this preventing them from being made into figures?

GEE OKAMOTO: No, not at all. We’ve examined the possibility of both of them many times. But we never seem to get to the development stage with them.

Godzilla 1954.

KAIJU ADDICTS: Do you have any ideas for the next Gigantic Series figure?

GEE OKAMOTO: I want to make a Gigantic Series Godzilla 1954, Godzilla 1962 and Godzilla 1989. At some point, I’d also like to make something from Ultraman.

KAIJU ADDICTS: Is X-Plus going to make a Dogora figure?

GEE OKAMOTO: I hope so!

KAIJU ADDICTS: Will X-Plus ever make a King Kong 1962, King Kong 1967 or Mecha Kong figure?

GEE OKAMOTO: I love Kong very, very, very much! However, the license is difficult to get. I’m very disappointed by this.

KAIJU ADDICTS: Do you bring your work home with you and collect X-Plus? If so, how big is your collection?

GEE OKAMOTO: I love them all. But, the Japanese house is not so big. I cannot fit all of them. It would be great if I could gather all of the things I’ve helped to create for X-Plus for the past 17 years. That includes the Ray Harryhausen figures and the X-Plus ALIEN cookie jar! (laugh)

I am sorry if my answers were short and simple. Thank you and your readers for your continued support!

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New Announcements from X-Plus: Gesura, Ultraman, Grand King, RMC Mechagodzilla and DAM Baragon and Varan. Wow!

X-Plus just released information on their December Releases, and WOW, there’s a lot of them. X-Plus seems to be going back to their old form. Let’s dig in:

Large Monster Series Gesura
大怪獣シリーズ 「ゲスラ」

Large Monster Series Gesura vinyl figure.

This classic “lipstick” kaiju appeared in the original Ultraman TV series (1966-1967) with a passion for cacao beans. What’s most significant about this release is that this is the final figure needed to complete the entire line of Ultra kaiju from the first series. And, it looks GREAT!

X-Plus explains that the reason there was such a delay for this figure was figuring out how to reproduce the detailed, spiny texture on his back. Looks like they figured it out because it looks GREAT!

HEIGHT: About 22cm / 8.6 inches
COST: ¥15,540 / $129 USD
PREORDER: Accepting orders until November 10, 2015 / Expected Release: Late December
VERSIONS: It’s not clear if there is a Standard Version available to Stores.

This figure can be matched up with the Ultraman A-Type Fighting Pose figure. Read on!

Large Monster Series Ultraman A-Type – Fighting Pose
大怪獣シリーズ 「ウルトラマンAタイプ ファイティングポーズ 」

Large Monster Series Ultraman A-Type fighting pose vinyl figure.

Ultraman A-Type is the very first Ultraman suit, like ever. It’s from the original TV series which aired in 1966-1967. It’s most easily identified by it’s crinkled face which is now iconic. The crinkles come from a mask that was originally meant to move and emote, but they never got it working properly so it remained static in the show.

This fighting pose is one of three of Ultraman’s most memorable and, again, iconic poses.

The Ric Boy version come with white light-up eyes and a chest color timer which could be set to steady blue or blinking red via a switch on the base. I’m not clear if there is a standard, non-light-up version coming to stores, but there usually is with Ultraman.

Note: It is my opinion that the clear, translucent eyes on Ultraman usually look better on the Standard Versions.

HEIGHT: About 23cm / 9.05 inches
COST: ¥12,960 / $107 USD
PREORDER: Accepting orders until November 10, 2015 / Expected Release: Late December
VERSIONS: Light-up Ric Boy Version. It’s not clear if there is a Standard Version available to Stores.

This figure matches up with the Ultra kaiju Gesura, shown above, which appeared in the series during the reign of the A-Type Ultraman suit.

Large Monster Series Grand King – Silver Version
大怪獣シリーズ 「グランドキング(シルバーVer.)」 少年リック限定商品

Large Monster Series Grand King vinyl figure.

Although this figure is a part of the Large Monster Series of which figures are typically 25cm (9.84 inches) this brute is a WHOPPING 36cm (14.17 inches)! That’s taller than the 30cm series! And that’s fine because this guy was huge in the Ultra Brothers movie.

Ultra.Wikia.com reports that Grand King is the combination of the spirits of Alien Baltan, Red King, Gomora, Alien Mephilas, Eleking, and Alien Hipporito into “one monstrous robot”. Well, I don’t see the resemblance.

That aside, it IS a monstrous figure with fantastic detail. I’m not familiar with the movie or the previous release of this figure, but it seems that this is the same sculpt with a more silvery paint job on it. (Please correct me if I’m wrong in the comments.)

X-Plus makes a point to note that there is NO light gimmick so that leads me to believe that this will not be available in stores.

HEIGHT: About 36cm / 14.7 inches
COST: ¥21,924 / $182 USD
PREORDER: Accepting orders until November 10, 2015 / Expected Release: Late December
VERSIONS: It’s not clear if there is a Standard Version available to Stores.

Real Master Collection PLUS Mechagodzilla 2 (1975)
RMC Plus 「メカゴジラ2」 少年リック限定商品

RMC Mechagodzilla 1975 polyresin figure.

The Real Master Collection is a series of previous soft vinyl releases but in hard polyresin (polystone) form. This hefty material holds detail better than vinyl, but comes at the price of not being as forgiving when it comes to bumps and drops.

What’s interesting is that this the first time that a Large Monster Series figure has entered the Real Master Collection.

To be clear: This figure is made from polyresin, not vinyl.

This excellent sculpt accurately depicts Mechagodzilla from his second appearance in the 1975 film The Terror of Mechagodzilla, the final installment of the Showa series.

This figure comes with the option of removing the head to reveal MG’s electronic brain as seen in the movie. It also comes with a light gimmick. MG’s eyes glow yellow. The brain piece also lights.

The chest door open to reveal the weaponry seen in the film.

Although it is not currently shown, X-Plus reports that this figure will come with a base which apparently is planned to mimic city destruction. The base will also serve as the battery source for the light feature. This means that the port for the power will most likely stick out the top of the base and get inserted under one foot.

HEIGHT: About 26.5cm / 10.4 inches
COST: ¥21,600 / $179 USD
PREORDER: Accepting orders until November 10, 2015 / Expected Release: Late December
VERSIONS: It’s not clear if there is a Standard Version available to Stores.

Toho Large Monster Series Total Advance Complementary Set Vol. 2 – Baragon and Varan 1968
東宝大怪獣シリーズ 総進撃補完セット Vol.2 (バラゴン・バラン)

Toho Large Monster Series Baragon 1968 and Varan vinyl figure set.

X-Plus proclaims that Destroy All Monsters is finally complete with this two-figure set.

This set features a brand new sculpt of Baragon 1968. This is first time that the ’68 version has entered the Large Monster Series. It also marks the FOURTH Baragon overall between both lines! (There is a 30cm Series Baragon 1968 and two pre-existing Baragon 1965’s in the Large Monster Series.) This new figure is NOT the same as the previously released Standing Baragon.

Also in this set is a mini Flying Varan based on the puppet seen briefly in the movie. No, it’s not in scale. However, X-Plus is going for reproducing that famous scene at Mount Fuji where the monsters finally gather. And in that scene, Varan was flying far in the background.

It looks like you will be able to rest your Varan on a faux rock which matches the rocks which come with the Manda / Mothra DAM set getting released any day now.

BARAGON HEIGHT: About 23cm / 9.05 inches
VARAN LENGTH: About 21cm / 8.26 inches
COST: ¥19.980 / $166 USD
PREORDER: Accepting orders until November 10, 2015 / Expected Release: Late December
VERSIONS: It’s not clear if there is a Standard Version available to Stores.

• Visit X-Plus’ Ric Boy website for more photos of all the figures above.

• Ric Boy Versions can be ordered only from X-Plus’ Ric Boy Online Shop for more photos of all the figures above.

• Keep checking Japanese stores like Hobby Search to see if Standard Version of any of these figures are available.

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October 2015 Diamond X-Plus Re-Issue Update

Diamond Comic Distributors logo.

Details on the upcoming X-Plus/Diamond Reissues keep changing. In an attempt to catch up, I asked Diamond’s purchasing manager some questions. This isn’t a lot of new information, but some of it is significant. Read on.

KAIJU ADDICTS: A fellow retailer, Michael Cherkowsky of Vampire Robots, attended Diamond’s Retailer Summit in Baltimore last month and spoke with some folks from Diamond and got some rather surprising news. He said that, apparently, the original plan for 24 X-Plus reissues over a one-year period has been scrapped in favor of a different plan. Is this true?

DIAMOND: Yes, the plan has been modified due to the time constraints of the licensing. The total count of Godzilla and Kaiju figures is now more like 14.

KAIJU ADDICTS: So, we now looking at 12 to 14 figures in total instead of the original 24 previously planned. Is it true that the schedule will now run from January 2016 thru December 2017?

DIAMOND: Both of these statements are correct; we are aiming to ship the first ones in January.

KAIJU ADDICTS: It was also said that straight re-issues of previous Japanese Godzilla releases are no longer happening. Instead, they would be “retooled if not entirely re-sculpted” and that you’ve “seen first passes at new sculpts”. Is this true and can you elaborate?

DIAMOND: At that moment it was true, but this is a very fluid situation. Since the summit, we have been informed that there is now a good chance that we can remake the Japanese releases. I am in Tokyo next week and hope to get this finalized. Stay tuned!

KAIJU ADDICTS: I don’t suppose you can reveal which Godzilla figures are coming our way?

DIAMOND: When I return from Tokyo. Stay tuned…

KAIJU ADDICTS: Are we getting any more non-Godzilla Kaiju figures besides the eight already up for pre-order?

DIAMOND: AS of right now, that is the list.

KAIJU ADDICTS: Bluefin recently announced that they will be distributing the X-Plus Biollante and King Ghidorah re-issues. Why did Diamond let those figures go?

DIAMOND: Our licensing arrangement is for the 9-12 remakes [reissues]. Biollante and King Ghidorah may seem large but they are actually to scale with the 8” line [25cm Large Monster Series] which is in Bluefin’s license.

So there you have it. To summarize:

• 12 to 14 figures throughout 2016 and 2017.
• No definite release dates for any figures other than the first 8 Kaiju already announced.
• As of now, no more Kaiju other than the first 8 already announced. That means the remaining 4 to 6 figures will be Godzilla.
• I noted a contradiction. He said the license was for 9-12 reissues yet agrees with the 12 to 14 count. Perhaps they are actually licensed for 12 but have plans in the works to try to get two more?
• Sculpt modifications to figures may be scrapped and replaced with the original plan to put out straight re-issues as they’ve done in the past. They should know next week. It’s unknown when they will share that information.
• No word yet on which Godzilla figures we will get. But that’s also getting ironed out next week when Diamond goes back to Japan. (I think I want this guy’s job!) It seems Diamond may be willing to share that information soon after.
• The reason why Bluefin will be selling Biollante and King Ghidorah is all about scale. Despite their size, they are still technically seen as belonging to the 25cm Series. And Bluefin has the license for that scale. Diamond has it for 12 inch figures.
• I have no idea why he referred to the Large Monster Series as an eight-inch line. It’s actually almost 10 inches. My guess is there is a range for that license. 8 to 10 inch range or something like that.

That’s all I’ve got. As usual, keep visiting Kaiju Addicts for new updates. And don’t forget to bookmark the X-Plus / Diamond Reissue Release Schedule for all facts on one consecutive page.

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X-Plus / Bandai Exclusive Godzilla 2014 Rears Its Roaring Head

Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 vinyl figure.

X-Plus suddenly announced today pre-orders for the Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 Limited Roaring Version vinyl figure (東宝30cmシリーズ GODZILLA ゴジラ(2014) 限定咆哮Ver.).

The figure is basically the same as the original release which stomped into collectors’ hands last July (2015) with two very noticeable differences:

1. The head sculpt on this figure is reared upward and in full roar! But this isn’t really anything new. In fact, this how we first saw the figure back in January 2015 at Wonder Festival 67.

The X-Plus Godzilla 2014 Vinyl Figure Prototype on display at Super Festival 67.

Back then we thought we were going to get a Ric version that came with both heads, but they instead settled on using the one laying on the table in the photo above and gave us a mini MUTO instead. Well, now we get to have both!

2. Translucent vinyl dorsal fins painted blue capturing the moment of imminent atomic breath discharge from the movie. No, they do NOT light up even though some of the graphics on Bandai’s site seems to suggest they do. For example: 発光状態をイメージした means “Image of light-emitting state” according to collector and superfan, John Ruffin (Check out his site!).

But, Gee Okamoto from X-Plus has confirmed to me that there is no light feature. But the fins definitely are translucent and their clear quality can capture light from the room and hint at the same effect.

I normally despise the translucent vinyl fins because they’re so much softer than the usual material. But I’m making an exception for this figure. The fins are small enough not to feel cheap when touched. I’m looking forward to this one. (I’ll just have an X-Plus 2014 for each floor in my house!)

Now, as to its availability: this figure is going to be a Ric Boy Exclusive AND a Premium Bandai Exclusive. As contradicting as that may sound, you should note this will NOT be available in regular stores, so it’s exclusive enough that it will be harder to get. If you are able to navigate the all Japanese Ric Boy and Premium Bandai sites, have at it. The pre-order window is now open. Curiously, there’s no word on when that window will close.

A rear angle showing off the translucent blue fins.

The figure will cost you ¥20,000 yen (about $167 USD) at both sites. It is expected to start shipping out in February 2016. (I wonder how that’s going to work with all the toy business strangling holidays in both China and Japan at that time of year.)

Pre-order at the X-Plus Ric Boy Store here – Limit 2 per customer.

Pre-order at the Premium Bandai Store here – Limit 2 per customer.

And for those who can’t navigate setting up an account at either site, we have our usual savior:

Order this figure from Mike Johnson. Rich Eso has a great how-to article explaining how to get in touch with Mike, a trusted source for hard to get X-Plus figures for many a collector.

(UPDATE: Jamie Davies has reached his capacity for this figure and can take no more orders.)

If you are new to X-Plus and would like to know more about (most of) this figure, visit my Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 Review of the original release. You’ll just have to mentally substitute the head and clear fins when you do.

One final thing: I’d like to make a prediction. It was revealed earlier by Michael Cherkowsky of Vampire Robots that our promised 12 Godzilla Diamond Reissues have been taken away and that we are instead getting about 5 Godzilla figures, all with new or modified sculpts. I would not be surprised in the least if one of these is this Godzilla 2014, with roaring head, sans the clear fins. Not a fact. But don’t be surprised if it happens.

Now, X-Plus… WHERE is our 30cm Series Female MUTO? (taps foot.)

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X-Plus Biollante, King Ghidorah Spotted at NYCC… on Bluefin’s Table

The X-Plus Biollante vinyl figure at the Bluefin Booth at NYCC, October 2015.


Recently, I posted that Michael Cherkowsky from Vampire Robots had read a press release that the X-Plus Biollante and King Ghidorah which were originally going to come from Diamond Distributors are now coming from Bluefin Distribution instead.

Looks like we have our first piece of confirmation on that as this photo from Kevin Leung clearly shows. Biollante is sitting on one of Bluefin’s tables at New York Comic Con along with some Gigantic Series Dragonball Z figures, also by X-Plus.

X-Plus King Ghidorah vinyl figure at Bluefin's booth at NYCC, October 2015.


The Toho Large Monster Series King Ghidorah showed up at Bluefin’s booth a little later. Fantastic news for those who missed out on this figure. It really is one of the best X-Plus has done. Let’s just hope they modified their packaging in an effort to prevent another wave of broken horns and necks.

(See my Review for the original release of the Large Monster Series King Ghidorah 1968 here.)

Also on display at Diamond’s NYCC booth were the X-Plus Space Godzilla, Kiryu, Gigan 1972, Gigan 2004, Titanosaurus and Rodan.

Keep watching my Diamond Re-Issue Release Schedule for more updates. (Looks like I might have to change the name to the Diamond/Bluefin Reissue Release Schedule!)

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X-Plus October Announcements: Rodan Re-issue on the Radar

Toho Large Monster Series Rodan 1964 Re-issue.

X-Plus is now taking orders for a re-issue of the Toho Large Monster Series Rodan 1964. They seem determined to help you complete your 25cm Series Destroy All Monsters line-up with this ’64 stand in for the ’68. Don’t forget that all new Manda and Mothra 1968 set coming out next month!

Back to Rodan: This figure is freaking incredible and some say superior to the 30cm Series version.

Sorry to say, though, that this one looks like a Ric Boy deal only. They made a point to say that the Ric version does not come with the mini Mothra larva as it did before. This sort of confirms that there won’t be a Standard Version available in stores.

If you are set up with an account on the X-Plus Ric Web Shop, you can place your order now. It’s only ¥13,284 (currently $110.71 USD) and you have until October 19 to get your order in.

If you are not set up with an account at the Ric Web Shop, Click Here for some less complicated ways to get one.

Rodan is expected to fly again in late November / early December.

Also up for order is the Large Monster Series Alien Metron Jr..

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X-Plus and Diamond Changing the Plan… Again?

Diamond Comic Distributors logo.

Michael Cherkowsky from Vampire Robots has reported that he spoke with the good folks at Diamond Distributors at their Retailer Summit this week in Baltimore, MD. He reports that the original plan for 24 figures (12 Godzillas and 12 kaiju) space over 2016 has been shelved. Instead, he says, figures will be spread out through 2016 and 2017.

The eight kaiju reissues which have already gone up for preorder are still coming. But the army of Goji’s is not. Instead, we’ll be getting fewer of them. And they will be — get this — retooled. Some of them will be new sculpts!

This is very good business move for X-Plus since they will be preserving the rarity and value of figures already issued. It’s also a very, very good move for both X-Plus and Diamond as completionists who already have the original releases will want the new versions as well. But, what’s good for X-Plus is good for us.

And it’s potentially welcome news if those new Godzilla figures don’t start until later in 2016. I’m sure that many collectors were worried how they were going to manage getting two new, expensive figures every single month for a full year.

Here’s hoping this works out. I can’t wait to get totally confirmed details on this and have reached out to Diamond to get official word and confirm all of it. Believe me, I’ll let you know if I learn anything!

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