2nd X-Plus Invasion of North America Begins!

The first eight figures to be re-issued by X-Plus in North America in 2016.

Pre-order window opens for new Godzilla vinyl re-issues

Ultra realistic vinyls based on the Godzilla franchise created by the toy arm of Japanese company, X-Plus, are being made available directly in the North American market once again via Diamond Distributors. These once rare and highly sought after vinyl figures are getting another run for collectors’ money… and that’s okay with us!

This new run of re-issues has a new name. It’s now called the “Godzilla Kaiju 12in Series“. Previously, it was called the “Toho 12in Series“. But what’s in a name? Established fans and collectors usually just refer to them by their original name from Japan, the “Toho 30cm Series“.

X-Plus originally planned to release 24 figures (two a month; one Godzilla, one foe) throughout a one year period. But, delays with licensing Godzilla himself had caused delays with getting the second X-Plus kaiju invasion started. And so, monsters like Rodan, Gigan and Kiryu are being sent to the front lines first, with Godzilla (hopefully) bringing up the rear sometime soon.

X-Plus Anguirus Vinyl Figure.

In a strange move from Diamond, eight of Godzilla’s friends and foes are available for pre-order all at once. You can order them NOW from comic shops and online stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. The initial deadline for retailers to order is October 26, 2015. But, there is talk of that date changing either forward or even backward. Best thing for you to do is order as soon as possible.

Despite the fact that pre-orders are open now for the first 8 figures, each one will be released separately, each in its own month. Anguirus is set to attack first and is expected to make landfall on January 27, 2016. A new kaiju will be released each month afterward. But, again, you have to pre-order them now.

Here’s the list along with suggested retail prices, expected release dates and item codes to give to your local comic store:

Godzilla Kaiju 12in Series Anguirus 1968 JUL158058 SRP $180 Expected to ship January 27, 2016
Godzilla Kaiju 12in Series Gigan 1972 JUL158060 SRP $180 Expected to ship February 24, 2016
Godzilla Kaiju 12in Series Baragon 1965 JUL158059 SRP $180 Expected to ship March 30, 2016
Godzilla Kaiju 12in Series Titanosaurus JUL158065 SRP $180 Expected to ship April 27, 2016
Godzilla Kaiju 12in Series Rodan 1968 (1964?) JUL158063 SRP $180 Expected to ship May 25, 2016
Godzilla Kaiju 12in Series Space Godzilla JUL158064 SRP $200 Expected to ship June 29, 2016
Godzilla Kaiju 12in Series Gigan 2004 JUL158061 SRP $200 Expected to ship July 27, 2016
Godzilla Kaiju 12in Series Mechagodzilla 2003 (Kiryu) JUL158062 SRP $200 Expected to ship August 31, 2016

When Diamond Distributors first revealed the first 10 figures for this new deal on their website, they included the X-Plus Large Monster Series Biollante and the Large Monster Series King Ghidorah 1968. Then, suddenly, the figures were removed from the Diamond site, only to appear again last week. Curiously, Biollante and KG were not included. Hopefully, they will be added again at a later date.

X-Plus Kiryu Views from all angles.

Keep in mind while planning your budget to juggle the purchases of these “Diamond Re-issues” that when licensing issues get resolved, Godzilla himself will join the fight at some point. New Godzilla re-issues will most likely take up release dates alongside the figures in the above table. If this happens, this will, at some point, change the schedule from one figure a month to two figures a month. I don’t know this for a fact, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that’s what will happen. So, collectors, plan your attack carefully. You shouldn’t pre-order liberally from the list above only to cancel some of your orders later to make room in your budget for yet-to-be announced Godzilla figures. When you place a pre-order with a comic shop or online store, they are committed to Diamond to still purchase the figures they ordered for you. Plus, there are still brand new releases (some surprises) coming out of Japan each month eager to nip at your wallets as well!

X-Plus Space Godzilla Vinyl Figure - Head side view.

Probably the most obvious place to order these figures is from your local comic store. If anything, you will save money on shipping since you’ll be going to pick them up when they come in. But be warned! I’ve heard many stories from collectors who wound up not getting the goods when ordering from their local shop because they simply weren’t paying attention to the schedule. It doesn’t have to be that way for you. You MUST make sure the guy behind the counter knows what’s going on. Make sure he knows the deadline for ordering from Diamond. Remind him a week before. And check again later to make sure that he actually placed the order for your figures in to Diamond on time.

The new X-Plus figures may not show up in Diamond Previews for quite a while still. But don’t worry, comic store retailers have access to Diamond Distributors’ Retailer Website. To help them quickly find the figure you’d like to pre-order, give them the Item Code! They are listed in the table above. TIP: Do this ASAP. And make sure the shop places their order in with Diamond ASAP as well. Do NOT wait for the listed October 26 deadline. This Diamond/X-Plus deal “seems” to be on a bumpy road this time around with delays, odd decisions, etc. So, better safe than sorry.

X-Plus / Diamond Re-issues are currently available for pre-order from Big Bad Toy Store as well as some smaller shops like Vampire Robots and Flossie’s Gifts & Collectibles.

Kaiju Addicts and Flossie's Gifts and Collectibles, now selling X-Plus Godzilla vinyls and more.

Plug time. (You knew it was coming.) I’ve joined forces with my mother and her online shop Flossie’s Gifts & Collectibles to offer X-Plus figures myself. (Hey, she already had the infrastructure to sell online. Just try to appreciate the irony of buying badass Godzilla vinyls from a shop whose logo has a heart in it!)

At Flossie’s Gifts & Collectibles, I personally take care of all the distributor orders, customer orders, customer correspondence and I box all the orders as well. And being a collector myself, I try to do it all the way I’d like it done if I were a customer myself. And I’m available all the time via email and Facebook to answer any questions or solve any problems. (By the way, I’m always available to answer any general X-Plus questions as well. I’ll do my best to help you out the same way the guys at the X-Plus Kaiju Collectors Club Facebook Group did for me when I started collecting.)

Even though they’re not on board quite yet, other stores like Entertainment Earth and even Amazon have carried these figures before and will most likely again… once they catch on that they’re available again.

As for those time limits. The best thing to do to attempt to ensure you get your figures is to pre-order as soon as possible from a store who is also ordering them as soon as possible. However, latecomers should still have ample opportunity to secure one of these figures regardless of the October 26 deadline. That deadline is for retailers. There’s no reason why some stores wouldn’t place their orders in to Diamond without waiting to see how many customers they have yet. So you may see wildly varying deadlines from site to site.

Another close-up of Baragon Vinyl Head Textures.

You may be a life-long kaiju fan who was unaware of X-Plus until now. Feel free to browse around KaijuAddicts.com for more information on these fantastic vinyl figures. There are written reviews by myself as well as tons of video reviews by others which you can watch right here. When you’re done, make some popcorn and visit Rich Eso’s YouTube channel for non-stop reviews. And don’t forget to check out his home base at FreshVinylHQ.com. And for more one-on-one, join the X-Plus Kaiju Collectors Club Facebook Group where questions and answers whiz by daily as well as a steady stream of photos from collections all over the world.

The second X-Plus invasion of North America has started! Plan your attack, get your pre-orders made and make some room on your shelves for some wickedly awesome and freakishly accurate vinyl figures from X-Plus which were rare and pricey up until now. It is a FANTASTIC time to be an X-Plus collector, and all around Kaiju fan!

If you’d like to help spread the word on the upcoming X-Plus vinyl figure re-issues licensed for North America, I’d be happy to provide you with some big photography on some of the figures. Just contact me at the email address at the top of the page.

Sam Torres Turns His Camera to X-Plus

X-Plus Anguirus 1968 by Sam Torres.

Collector Sam Torres had been taking diorama shots with his X-Plus vinyl collection for a while now. His latest batch is nothing short of amazing.

X-Plus Godzilla and Anguirus 1968 vinyl figures by Sam Torres.

I added a gallery for Sam here in the Kaiju Addicts ‘Photos’ section. There’s a few more too large to fit comfortably here in the main news feed.

X-Plus King Caesar and Mechagodzilla vinyl figures by Sam Torres.

See more pics in the Sam Torres Photo Gallery!

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John Ruffin Raids Again with X-Plus

The X-Plus 30cm Series Godzilla 1955 and Anguirus 1955 shot by John Ruffin.

John Ruffin has been turning out awesome images with his X-Plus collection lately like there’s no tomorrow. Here, he created a scene from Godzilla Raids Again with the help of his Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 1955 and Anguirus 1955 vinyls by X-Plus.

A scene from King Kong vs. Godzilla with X-Plus by John Ruffin.

And just before that, John came up with this piece from King Kong vs. Godzilla.

John is seriously one of my top three fan/collector Godzilla artists. Keep them coming, John!

Visit John’s Gallery here on Kaiju Addicts. Or, better yet, visit his home base at MyKaiju.com!

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Artist John Ruffin re-enacts Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla with X-Plus

A scene from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla re-enacted with X-Plus figures, by John Ruffin.

Artist and X-Plus Collector, John Ruffin is at it again with this re-enactment from a scene in Godzilla vs. Megalon. Did you think it was a still from the movie at first? A testament to John’s skills, and X-Plus’ realistic sculpts!

John has a gallery here on Kaiju Addicts, but check out his home base at My Kaiju Godzilla to see more of his work.

X-Plus Shows Off Gigantic Godzilla 2000 and Legion at Summer Wonder Festival 2015

The X-Plus table at Summer Wonder Festival 2015.

X-Plus proved that it’s got the goods at the 2015 Summer Wonder Festival, ワンダーフェスティバル held at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba today (July 26, 2015). And it looks like we’re in store for some fantastic releases in the coming months!

Starting on the left is our first good view of the upcoming Legion displayed with the Large Monster Series Gamera 1996 which you already have (or wish like hell you had now). Further down stands the new Yuji Sakai Godzilla 2000 followed by the Large Monster Series Godzilla 1995 which will hit shelves next month. (Make sure you grab this ’95 now while you can; Destroyah will be arriving later this year!)


Closer view of the Large Monster Series Legion on the X-Plus table at Summer Wonder Festival 2015.

This Large Monster Series Legion figure (from Gamera 2: Attack of Legion, ガメラ2 レギオン襲来) looks like it’s going to be a shelf-buster like Biollante, King Ghidorah 1968 and the upcoming Destroyah. It towers over the 25cm Series Gamera 1996 as well it should… but by this much? Time to pop the movie in and have a look.

UPDATE: Here’s a new angle!

Another view of the Large Monster Series Legion on the X-Plus table at Summer Wonder Festival 2015.

Too tall or not, SIGN ME UP RIGHT NOW!


Closer view of the Gigantic Series 2000 Godzilla 2000 with orange fins.

Next up is the Toho Gigantic Series Yuji Sakai Modelling Collection Godzilla 2000. You can get more information on this already discussed figure on my previous post here.

Here, we can get a glimpse of how well this sculpt translated into vinyl. As for those fins: I’m not sure but it seems to be the general consensus on the X-Plus Kaiju Collectors Club Facebook Group, that this represents Godzilla powering up for a blast of atomic breath (which was, indeed, orange in the movie.) We also think that this orange-finned figure will be the Ric Boy version. I say that because…

The Gigantic Series Godzilla 2000 on display at Yuji Sakai's table at Summer Wonder Festival 2015.

A more standard, purple-finned version of the X-Plus figure was on display at Yuji Sakai’s table in the same room. Methinks I’ll be gettin’ this one!

KIRYU 2002

Finally, the 50 units of the awesome vinyl version of the Toho 30cm Series Kiryu 2002 Ric Boy (with blue backpack) sold out at the show. The web lottery for the remaining 50 units should start soon. Keep watching the Ric Boy site for that to begin. More on Kiryu 2002 on my previous post here.

Note: I really don’t know the source of these photos since they’re plastered everywhere now. If I used on of your pics, please let me know and I’ll add a photo credit below it.

So, what do you think? Are you getting Legion? Getting Godzilla 2000? If so, which version? Are you preparing for a face-off with Destroyah later this year and getting the Godzilla 1995 next month? Are you going for the Kiryu 2002? Let us know in the Comments below (and be entered for a chance to win a free Kaiju Addicts Photo Book (details to come)).

John Ruffin’s latest artwork aided by X-Plus

John Ruffin is back at work with two new composites featuring X-Plus vinyl figures. There’s a whole gallery of John’s work here on Kaiju Addicts, but you should head over to his website My Kaiju Godzilla and check out all of his awesome works.

Godzilla Poster recreation composite with X-Plus Mothra 1964 and Godzilla 1962 by John Ruffin.


Composite with X-Plus Godzilla 2001 by John Ruffin.


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Gigantic Series Yuji Sakai Godzilla 2000 Announced

Clip of a publication announcing the X-Plus Gigantic Series Sakai Godzilla 2000.

X-Plus just announced a new entry into the Gigantic Series and it’s about bloody time! Meet the Gigantic Series Yuji Sakai Modelling Collecting Godzilla 2000!

This is not based off the suit from the movie Godzilla 2000: Millennium (ゴジラ2000 ミレニアム) but rather a design from conceptual artist Shinji Nishikawa, the man responsible for making the initial designs for many Heisei and Millennium kaijus. The sculpt, of course, comes from the great Yuji Sakai.

I first saw this news when collector Brian Jow posted the photo above on the X-Plus Kaiju Collectors Club Facebook Group. (BTW, if you want X-Plus news as quick as possible, JOIN THIS GROUP! We have agents everywhere!) I do not know which publication this is, but I have some friends in Japan trying to find out. If you recognize it, please contact me and let me know by email or in the comments.

If you want a better look at the figure and have the Yuji Sakai Dream Evolution book, the resin version is on Page 19.

Hell, let’s get a better look now:

39cm Yuji Sakai sculpt of Godzilla 2000 Nishikawa design.

Yeah, I’m feelin’ this one! But, keep in mind the photo above is of the Resin version. We’re sure to loose some detail in the vinyl version.

Collector Dell Champagne Martinez used his Japanese powers to translate the text from the original photo. It reads:

X-Plus Gigantic Series Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection Gojira 2000 Millennium. It will be released in September and the price is yet to be determined. Limited sales.
It faithfully reproduces Shinji Nishikawa’s 2 dimensional design with the sharp dorsal fins and rows of teeth, in three dimensions. Height is approximately 400 millimeters. Prototype supervision by Yūji Sakai.

400 millimeters is 40cm, or 15.74 inches. Hmm. Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995 is 18.5 inches tall. This new figure will be about 3 inches shorter than GBG, and only about 4 inches taller than the 30cm Series. But, don’t get so disappointed, that’s still a pretty BIG figure! The higher it is, the wider it is, and the overall more bulk it has. Don’t worry, it will certainly command attention.

Full shot of the 39cm Yuji Sakai sculpt of Godzilla 2000 Nishikawa design.

Also, note how the tail is raised off the ground; a Sakai trademark I’m beginning to dislike. Looks like this figure will need a base to support the tail like the Gigantic Series Godzilla 2001.

As for price… I’m almost afraid to know what it will be. Gigantic Series figures have hefty price tags. Yuji Sakai Modelling Collection figures also have hefty price tags. Put the two together and I fear we’ll have a price so high that most of us will have significant trouble being able to cover. We’ll have to wait and see.

Oh, and did you notice something interesting? The Yuji Sakai Modelling Collection is no longer confined to the 30cm Series. I wonder if we’ll get even more different sizes in the future. Time to pull out your Yuji Sakai Dream Evolution book and flip through for possibilities. You can get a copy at Flossie’s while they last.

So, what do you think? Do you want to go after this figure? Chime in with a comment below and be automatically entered for a chance to win a Free Kaiju Addict Photo Book (details to come).

New 30cm Series Kiryu 2002 in VINYL heads to Wonder Festival and Web Lottery

Toho 30cm Series Kiryu 2002 Wonder Festival Summer Commemorative Edition.

X-Plus recently announced a Wonder Festival 2015 Summer Commemorative Toho 30cm Series Kiryu 2002 RIC BOY. This figure represents the original “machine dragon” from his first appearance in 2002’s ゴジラ×メカゴジラ (Godzilla X Mechagodzilla). And it will be Vinyl.

This figure comes with Kiryu’s original, blue back jet/missile pack and forearm guns. If that’s not enough to get you going, the figure also comes with a light gimmick which allows the figure’s yellow eyes to light-up!

This figure was originally released by X-Plus in 2012, but in Polyresin form; a true statue. This is the first time it’s been slipped into vinyl. And it’s doing it for a very limited run of 100.

The figure will go for ¥20,000 (currently U.S. $161.55). Not bad! But the trick is to be able to get one of them.

If you are lucky enough to be in Japan, you could just go to Wonder Festival and try to be one of the first 50 people to ask for one. Summer Wonder Festival 2015 takes place July 26 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. Admission is ¥2,000.

Not in Japan? Then it’s the web lottery for you. Keep watching the Kiryu 2002 page on the Ric Site for the magic button to appear which will lead you to a page on their Ric store and make an order. Again, keep in mind that you may NOT be one of the 50 who will have their order honored.

Also, remember that the Ric site does NOT ship outside of Japan. If you manage to start an account on their all-Japanese webstore, you’ll need a forwarding service like Tenso to use instead of your non-Japanese address.

One final thing: If you can wait, Kiryu is planned for a Diamond re-issue, in vinyl, in North America sometime within the next year. No word yet on whether that will be the 2002 version or the 2003 version. Also, it’s my “guess” that it will not come with either backpack. Keep watching the Diamond Reissue Schedule for more news on that.

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