X-Plus Announces 25cm Series Anguirus 1968 Re-issue; RMC PLUS Gamera 1999

Toho Large Monster Series Anguirus 1968 vinyl figure.

The X-Plus Ric site just announced a re-issue of the Large Monster Series Angurius 1968, 東宝大怪獣シリーズ 「アンギラス(1968年版)」 少年リック限定再販. I’m not positive about this, but I think this re-issue is limited to the Ric store and won’t be available in stores.

This re-issue comes hot on the tails of the newly released Large Monster Series King Ghidorah 1968 and the Godzilla 1968 Re-issue (also not available in stores). X-Plus seems intent on helping collectors get the essentials for their Destroy All Monsters shelf. Anguirus is ¥12,312 which currently comes to $104.48 USD. That’s ASTOUNDING considering how much this figure fetched in the aftermarket!


Real Master Collection Plus Gamera 1999.

Also announced is a splinter off their polyresin line, Real Master Collection PLUS. These statues are still made of polyresin, but apparently they’ve found a way to incorporate light gimmicks on them. Great news for RMC collectors!

First up is the Real Master Collection PLUS Gamera 1999 (リアル・マスター・コレクション PLUS 「ガメラ(1999)」 少年リック限定商品) based on the original 30cm Series vinyl version. Gamera ’99 is ¥29,700 which currently comes to $252.04 USD. Note: I just want to stress that this figure is polyresin, not vinyl.

See my X-Plus 30cm Series Gamera 1999 review for more info on the original vinyl version of this figure.

Pre-orders for both figures are being taken now and up until February 18 at the Ric Boy Web Store. They are expected to release in late March/early April.

Since both figures are Ric Exclusives, you’ll have to order them from X-Plus’ Ric store directly. You can set up an account with them but only if you can navigate their Japanese site. Plus, since they don’t ship overseas, you’ll have to also have an account with a forwarding service like Tenso.com. If this sounds like a headache, there’s always Mike Johnson. Mike is a dealer in California who regularly gets Ric Boys into the hands of western collectors. To find out how to order from Mike, see Rich Eso‘s How To Order From Mike Johnson guide.

Coming Soon to Kaiju Addicts

Upcoming content on Kaiju Addicts.

I’m hard at work on new content for the site. There’s so much going on! Please watch for:

• A Review of the Toho Large Monster Series Godzilla 1964.

• An Overview of the Monster Museum Ultraman polyresin figurines to help you better understand the upcoming Godzilla figurines.

• A Review of the X-Plus 1:6 Scale Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet.

• A look at using N Scale building kits and models to diorama-tize your X-Plus shelves.

• A review of Shark City Ozark‘s upcoming refit 1:6 scale Bruce the Shark Bust. I know he’s not a kaiju, but he IS a monster!

Stay tuned!

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X-Plus Godzilla 2014, Mothra 1964 at Super Festival 67

The X-Plus Godzilla 2014 Vinyl Figure Prototype on display at Super Festival 67.

X-Plus attended Super Festival 67 yesterday and had some new stuff on their table! Namely the 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 prototype. This time, however, it has two heads! One is in an awesome roaring pose (as you can see on the photo “borrowed” from the Kaiju Korner blog.)

I guess that means it’s coming with a visible seam (actually a joint now) like the 30cm Baragon 1965. Sorry to complain. Hate unnecessary seams.

I’m betting that the extra interchangeable head will come with the Ric Boy version and that it will be the roaring version. Save your pennies, kids.

This figure looks like it’s going be a big one. It’s hard to tell from the photo angle but if you compare it to Mothra (assuming it’s as high as the ’61) and the Godzilla ’64, looks like Godzilla 2014 might be a head above most 30cm Series figures.

Also gleaned from this Kaiju Korner photo is a better view of the leg stance. It looks noticeably wider than on previous photos of the prototype because of this new angle. Looks like they may be going for the big airport reveal scene pose, or possibly the victory roar pose at the end of the final fight with Mama MUTO.

The X-Plus table at Super Festival 67 with Godzilla 2014 and Mothra 1964.

And, what’s this at the far end of the table? Mothra 1964? With an egg? Nice! Looks like the new figure will have the same “pose” as the Mothra Imago 1961 version. The egg seems to be attached to the base and is more than likely a Ric Boy exclusive extra.

I will post more photos here as they come in.

Send us your X-Plus King Ghidorah Photos!

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Getting the X-Plus King Ghidorah?

Please send in a photo to be included in a Collectors’ Photo Gallery to be displayed on the upcoming Kaiju Addicts Review.

Pose with your figure, show us the box, shoot it on your shelves, take it outside or Photoshop it… I don’t care! Let’s show off this figure!

Post your photo at the email address at the top of this page or on the Kaiju Addicts Facebook Page.

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X-Plus 30cm Series Gigan 1972 gets limited re-issue with light-up visor

X-Plus 30cm Series Gigan 1972.

X-Plus just announced a new figure from their Ric Boy Twitter feed. Put your metallic hooks together for Gigan!

The Toho 30cm Series Gigan 1972 will be re-issued as a Ric Boy Exclusive with light-up visor gimmick. It looks like this figure will be available only from X-Plus’ Ric Boy Web Store and will be limited to 300 editions.

Orders opened December 25 at 6:00 p.m. Japan time. The price is ¥21,600 (currently U.S. $179.29). It is expected to be released in February 2015.

Keep in mind that this figure is noticeably SHORTER than most other entries in the 30cm Series.

It’s also been very hard to find in the pricey aftermarket.

• The Toho 30cm Series Gigan 1972 was originally released in 2010.
• It was offered again as a polyresin version from the Real Master Collection, also in 2010.
• The vinyl version was re-issued in 2011 as a Wonderfest Special with an alternate “Nighttime” paint scheme.

This is a great opportunity to get this version of Gigan if you don’t already have one. You may not want to wait and hope for a Diamond Reissue since those have either been stalled or outright cancelled. Now is the time to Grab a Gigan!

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Getting Ready for X-Plus-Mas

X-Plus Godzilla 1968 and Hedorah decorate the Christmas Tree. Photo by David Peeler.

The 30cm Series Godzilla 1968 and Hedorah decorate the X-Plus-mas Tree. Photo by collector David Peeler.

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Rich Eso X-Plus Collection Update

Rich Eso X-Plus Collection as of November 2014.

X-Plus reviewer and power collector Rich Eso recently reorganized his shelves and, well, feast yer eyes!

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X-Plus Reveals 30cm Godzilla 2014 and New Godzilla Kaiju Museum Line

Prototype of the X-Plus Godzilla 2014 vinyl figure on display at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition (Autumn 2014).

X-Plus revealed an unpainted prototype of their upcoming 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition this month. No word yet on exact size and expected release.

New Godzilla Kaiju Museum mini polystone line from X-Plus on display at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition.

Also revealed: A new line of mini Godzilla figures in the X-Plus Kaiju Museum Series. These are made of polystone and are about 3.5 inches tall. Previous entries in this line included kaiju from the original Ultraman series which have insane detail and came with its own display case.

(Photo credits go to Dengeki Hobby.)

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