X-Plus announces Large Monster Series Godzilla 1995

Angles of the X-Plus 25cm Godzilla 1995 vinyl figure.

X-Plus has just announced the Toho Large Monster Series Godzilla 1995 (東宝大怪獣シリーズ 「ゴジラ1995」 少年リック限定版) vinyl figure on their Ric Boy site.

The figure is listed as being 26cm (10.2 inches) tall, although further down the page they say that it will be between 25 and 26cm.

Toho Large Monster Series Godzilla 1995 Vinyl Figure by X-Plus.

Click on the above photo for a big, hi-res version!

Toho Large Monster Series Godzilla 1995 Vinyl Figure by X-Plus.

Note: these shots are of an early version of the figure and the obvious seams will likely be filled and concealed on the main production run. Also note the OUTSTANDING appearance of the burning patch on the figure’s chest. It has the same AWESOME look as the Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995. DAMN, THIS LOOKS GOOD! (Again, click the above photo for a really large look at a higher res version. Take a good look at the head sculpt while you do!

The Godzilla 1995 Ric Boy will come with a light gimmick. All of the fiery patches on his chest, belly and thighs will ignite with LED light. But it doesn’t end there! Godzilla’s eyes will also be ablaze when you flick that power switch! Even though it hasn’t been shown, X-Plus tells me “of course” the fins will light up as well.

Additional angles on the new X-Plus Godzilla 1995, including a view of the light gimmick in action.

This figure will likely take top spot as X-Plus figure with the most spectacular light gimmick. (I’m sure this is one figure many collectors will be turning on a LOT more than other light-up figures.)

Perhaps the extra lights and work required to insert them is part of the reason for this figure’s INSANELY high price tag. The Ric will set you back ¥25,920 (currently $206.35). Yeah, you read that right. It’s going to be a 25cm Series figure with a 30cm Series price tag! (Price won’t stop me, though. It WILL be mine!)

If you’re not ready to dish out over 200 bucks (plus shipping from Japan) you could opt for the Standard Version which X-Plus tells me WILL be available and that they’re working on the final details of those right now. No word on prices for those yet. Keep checking sites like Hobby Search and AmiAmi.

The official pre-order deadline for the Ric Boy version June 15. If you’re set up with an account at the Ric Store, you can order it here. The figure is expected to ship late July/early August.

And don’t forget: this Godzilla 1995 vinyl can be paired up with the Toho Large Monster Series Destroyah which will come out later this year!

Creating Stomping Grounds for X-Plus with N-Scale Buildings

N Scale Buildings and X-Plus promo graphic.

N Scale Buildings made for electric train sets are a great way to add even more interest and pizzazz to your X-Plus collection. You can scatter them between figures on the shelves. Or, you can create entire dioramas using not only N Scale buildings but environment elements like hills and trees. Plus, toy photographers can reach new levels of awesomeness by incorporating them into their shots. Having Godzilla on your shelf is cool. But having him tower over buildings is potentially cooler! N Scale buildings help make these 12-inch X-Plus vinyls feel a little bigger on the shelf.

Click Here for the Article!

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X-Plus Gives a First Look at the Toho Large Monster Series Destroyah

X-Plus figures at the Amazing Japan Model Expo 2015.

WOAH! An early model of the upcoming Toho Large Monster Series Destroyah vinyl figure by X-Plus is now on display at the Amazing Japan Model Expo 2015. Looks freaking impressive even without paint! And, it looks to be pretty big seeing as how it’s eye to eye with the upcoming Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 2014.

(Also on display are the first five entries of X-Plus’ 4-inch Godzilla Kaiju Museum figures.)

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X-Plus Godzilla 2014 slated for June; Kaiju Museum Update

Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 vinyl figure by X-Plus - painted.

Here we have our first look at the upcoming Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 vinyl figure by X-Plus… painted!

Hmm. I don’t remember his belly being that yellowish. I also don’t remember his mouth being that red. He kind of looks like he just finished eating a live deer or something. I think perhaps the camera that took this shot is just making it look hyper saturated. And, ouch, that neck seam.

Update: ah, I spoke too soon. Here’s another shot with respectable colors:


Still, the sculpt looks fantastic! And the texturing… wow! I want one! I WANT ONE NOW! But according to the sign at the bottom left of the photo, we’re going to have to wait until June. (That, or pre-orders open. Either way, it’s coming.)

X-Plus Kaiju Museum: the first five figures.

Also on display at this show (I don’t know which show it is) are a couple more revelations concerning the upcoming Godzilla Kaiju Museum line. This 4-inchers are made of polyresin and if they are anything at all like their Ultraman cousins which came out a couple of years ago, they are gonna be cool. Though I’m still afraid that Gigan is going to break before it even get out of the box.

Anyway, the big news here is they’ve added Godzilla 1964 and Mothra 1964 to the line-up. (Godzilla 2014, Gigan 2014 and Godzilla 1954 were previously shown and announced.) Also, it seems they’ve made a change to Gigan 2014. Earlier photos showed him with the simple claws, but now’s he’s sporting the rotating saws and neck brace.


Thanks to the AmiAmi Blog for taking the photos!

X-Plus April Announcements: It’s Gorosaurus and Gamera … and Gigantic GMK

The month of G. X-Plus announces Gorosaurus 1968, Gamera 1971 and a Gigantic GMK kit.


Toho Large Monster Series Gorosaurus 1968 vinyl figure.

The 25cm Gorosaurus is back…. sort of. This “re-issue” uses the Gorosaurus 1967 sculpt (from King Kong Escapes) and combines it with paint modifications so that it matches the look of the 1968 Destroy All Monsters version of the suit. Got that? Same figure, slightly different paint and ever so slightly different name.

The original Large Monster Series Gorosaurus 1967 Ric Boy came with a miniature of the sub from King Kong Escapes. From what I can tell from Google Chrome’s lacking translation of the X-Plus site, this sub is NOT included with this 1968 version. And I guess that makes sense since there was no 1967 sub in Destroy All Monsters. They’re getting ya on a technicality here!

Despite the apparent lack of an extra sub, this figure is still listed as a Ric, which leads me to believe that it will be available only from the Ric Site. Keep in mind I’m working off a crappy translation. Don’t get pissed if I got it wrong!

The Toho Large Monster Series (25cm) Gorosaurus 1968 is up for pre-order now at the Ric site. Orders will be taken until April 17. It’s expected to ship late May / early June.

The price is ¥11,988 (currently $99.79 USD). Click here to see more photos on the Ric Site and to order.


Daiei Large Monster Series Gamera 1971 vinyl figure.

This one sure took it’s sweet time. The 25cm series Gamera 1971 from Gamera vs. Zigra is finally up for pre-order. The Ric Boy version comes with a mini (swimming?) Gamera figure.

I still don’t know if there is a standard version which would be available on sites like Ami Ami and Hobby Search. Keep watching those sites to find out.

Orders are being taken now at the Ric site until April 17. It’s expected to ship late May / early June.

The price is ¥12,960 (currently $107.89 USD). Click here to see more photos on the Ric Site and to order.


X-Plus Gigantic Series Godzilla 2001 vinyl figure.

The Sofvi.Tokyo website spilled the beans on yet another incarnation of the Gigantic Series Godzilla 2001. It’s another un-assembled, unpainted KIT. But this time, the fins will be translucent so that you could install your own lights while building it.

It will be available at the Super Festival 68 model and toy show on April 26, 2015. …OR, on May 5 at the Amazing Model Expo in Osaka. Sorry, I don’t which is which since I’m just — again — working working off a translation of the sofvi.tokyo site. Just know that if you see a listing in the future for a Gigantic GMK kit with clear fins on Ebay or something, it’s not a mistake.

According to sofvi.tokyo, the kit will be limited to 100 units. The list the price as ¥18,000 (currently $149.84 USD). NICE PRICE… if you good at building and painting!

DISCLAIMER: As usual, I get 95% of my info the same as you so please be lenient if I got any facts wrong!

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Mothra / Godzilla 1964 Base News

I’m not sure how I missed this but X-Plus showed off the base design for the new Large Monster Series Mothra 1964 Ric Boy Exclusive with Godzilla 1964 on their blog.

Base for the Large Monster Series Mothra 1964 vinyl figure by X-Plus.

Looks like the egg will indeed be removable from the base. Good news, methinks! You now have options as to how you want it to look on your shelves. And toy photographers, rejoice! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of ‘outside’ shots of this set.

Tail base for the Large Monster Series Godzilla 1964 vinyl figure by X-Plus.

And this photo settles the question “Will G’64 come with the base?” once and for all. Instead of the rocky platform that rose previous releases of the 25cm Godzilla 1964 to a height above other Godzilla figures in the line, you’ll be getting a little tail support instead. I kind of like this. Now Godzilla 1964 will be level with his brothers on the shelf.

I kind of wish X-Plus would make this rocky nub available separately for those of us who already have the G’64 and don’t like the original base. But, don’t fret. If you have an original and want your 64’s feet on the ground, I have an idea for that you use right now on my review.

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Ultraman Autographs now available at Flossie’s

Ultraman Autographs now available from Flossie's.

Wow. It’s a really awesome time for U.S. fans right now. Godzilla and Ultraman celebrities are popping up left and right all over the country. If you told me two years ago that I would actually be able to get some of these autographs, or even “meet” them in person, I would have thought you were nuts. But it’s really happening!

Friends of mine have been kind enough to get autographs for me over the last two years since these conventions always seem to take place far, far away from where I am. That changed last October when I got to actually MEET Haruo Nakajima, Kenpachiro Satsuma and Tom Kitagawa. See pics of that here.

For someone who never even dreamed of having a single autograph from anyone from Godzilla or Ultraman, I’ve now amassed quite a collection now! And I LOVE it!

Anyway, to the point of this post. I’m pleased to announce that we will be bringing autographs to our webstore, Flossie’s Gifts & Collectibles. In cooperation with a celebrity specialist for pop culture conventions, Flossie’s is pleased to make available the first batch of autographs to our store.

First up is Satoshi “Bin” Furuya who was the suit actor for the original Ultraman as well as Amagi from Ultraseven. And then there’s Hiroko Sakurai who played Science Patrol member Akiko Fuji, also from the original Ultraman. She also played Yuriko Edogawa in Ultra Q.

Bin Furuya and Hiroko Sakurai signing autographs in Lexington, Kentucky, March 2015.

We have three photos styles for each star. And each are available in a variety of Sharpee colors. And they’re available now. So, if you had the same problem I had, and none of the cool conventions were in your area, this is a chance to bring home something from our childhood heroes.

I’ve tried to keep the price down as low as I could. They’re more costly than they were at the show, but way below the stupid prices on Ebay. Also, we took a risk by getting these as the price tag for this lot was mighty steep. If it works out, there will be more from on the way from the Godzilla films.

I researched the best way to present these autographed photos to you. I purchased acid-free sleeves to store them in along with acid-free cardboard backings to keep them flat. I also chose the sturdiest mailers I could find and will even slap on TWO “Do Not Bend” stickers; one on each side.

Though I was not able to attend the signing, the autographs were obtained from people I trust completely. Plus, I was even provided with photos of each star signing a pic from each batch of the different styles we have.

They were signed this past weekend in Lexington, Kentucky. And we have a limited quantity: 40 in all right now. But that’ divided up between two stars, six photo styles and three different color sharpees.

I would be genuinely pleased as hell if I’m able to help get some of these to some of you who watched these conventions pop up crazy far from your reach like they’ve been for me until recently. And even to those of you outside of the U.S. I hear Godzilla and Ultraman stuff is particularly hard to get in Europe. If you get one, please come back and leave a comment!

Click Here to Get Ultraman Autographs at Flossie’s

Feel free to email me with any questions concerning the autographs! Use the email at the top of this page.

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The New Diamond/X-Plus Deal. And the first 10 known figures are….

The first 10 figures announced to be available in Diamond's second contract with X-Plus.

UPDATE (JUNE 13, 2015): X-Plus asked Diamond to remove the figures mentioned below from their retailer site and start anew with new solicitations. No need to panic. Sounds like their just reorganizing or something. However, we’d be foolish to assume that the list below is still rock solid. We have to consider that there may possibly be some changes. I don’t know this for a fact. I’m just saying that they’re shuffling things around and things may change. Also, recently some item codes were created for some of the Godzilla figures. No word yet on which ones they are.

The new contract between Diamond Distributors and X-Plus was recently announced and I’ve finally got some kaiju names! The first 10 figures (that we know about) are:

12 Inch Series Baragon 1965 SRP $160
12 Inch Series Rodan 1968 (Do they mean 1964?) SRP $180
12 Inch Series King Ghidorah 1968 SRP $418
12 Inch Series Anguirus 1962 (Probably a typo and meant to be 1968) SRP $160
12 Inch Series Gigan 1972 SRP $160
12 Inch Series Titanosaurus SRP $160
12 Inch Series Biollante SRP $599
12 Inch Series Space Godzilla SRP $180
12 Inch Series Kiryu 2003 SRP $200
12 Inch Series Gigan 2004 SRP $200

Note the “12 Inch Series King Ghidorah” and the “12 Inch Series Biollante”. We all know that both are actually a part of the Large Monster Series (aka 25cm Scale). So, please don’t get confused by their official North American names.

Also, the line has quite possibly been renamed the “Godzilla Kaiju 12 Inch Series“. I kept the old series name in my list because I’m just not sure about this yet.

There are still 14 more figures which we do not know about yet, and that includes the Godzilla figures.

No word yet on a schedule.

The new figures are slated (as far as I know right now) to start showing up in July of this year. And when it does start, there will be two figures offered EVERY MONTH. So you’ve been warned! Start saving now!

Note that some online stores have a habit of posting pre-orders for these figures before their actual pre-order starts. Some also post incorrect expected release dates. When in doubt, consult the X-Plus Diamond Re-Issue Release Schedule here on Kaiju Addicts. I won’t steer you wrong!

For now, Flossie’s Gifts will not put up any figures for pre-order until a schedule appears. But don’t worry, we’re definitely going to carry them and take care of you guys like we’ve been!