Star Ace 32cm Kong Skull Island Kong Standard Version vinyl figure.

So, this is strange. Earlier today I received an email from Sideshow Collectibles about their new items up for order. In that list was the recently announced Star Ace Kong: Skull Island vinyl.

If you don’t already know, Sideshow Collectibles is a high-end toy company focused on one-sixth scale articulated figures. And those things are my other passion, after X-Plus vinyls. It’s really weird seeing X-Plus’ work on their site. Kinda cool, actually.

For the past four years, I would check Sideshow’s site for upcoming 1/6 scale figures and plan my purchases. And I always felt like I was “cheating” on X-Plus every time I did.

It was kind of cool to see my one passion step into the other when X-Plus showed up on the Sideshow site.

I keep saying X-Plus is on there because X-Plus is responsible for the Kong sculpt. X-Plus directed the project. And, right now, Gee Okamoto, himself,  is even designing the box. (He was a graphic designer, I think, before starting work at X-Plus. I’m pretty sure he’s the one designing all of the blind box X-Plus covers.)

Anyway, back to topic. The Star Ace Kong figure would have been an X-Plus offering if it weren’t for the fact that it is an international release. X-Plus sticks to licenses for Japan and, of course, the North American reissues. Star Ace, on the other hand, is international. And Star Ace is a subsidiary of X-Plus.

So, I’m wondering: with the Kong vinyls on Sideshow Collectibles, might there be new X-Plus collectors born? Enough to heighten demand? Enough to warrant more international releases? That would be fucking sweet.

Yes, I know “we” can already get all of the X-Plus we want easily (as long as we have the cash). But, a more successful X-Plus and Star Ace can only mean more figures, and more chances taken. The female MUTO from Legendary’s Godzilla (2014), for instance, was not made because there just wasn’t enough interest in that monster in Japan. Might there have been enough for an international release?

On a sour note, though, I was wondering if they’re involvement might hasten the depletion of the limited 800 Deluxe versions.

On that note: I think this whole limited edition of 800 kind of sucks. It puts collectors in a difficult position. What if they run out? What if your order is one that gets cut? It’s not like stores are stocking up on extra Standards in case they do.

The best thing you could do is just order a Deluxe as soon as possible from a store that will honor the order in which orders came in. That way, even if the Deluxe does get cut short, every store will at least get “some”. And the higher you are on that stores list, the better chance you have.

Unless of course you into the Standard. Then there’s no need to worry. They will make as many of those as are needed.

Well, that’s enough chit chat for today. If you’ve arrived at this page directly and missed the front door, you can learn more about the Star Ace Kong Skull Island 32cm Vinyl Statue at my news post released a few days ago.

And if you have some Sideshow points saved up and would like to cash them on Kong, you can do that now.

They have the Standard Version up for pre-order for $139.99 (that’s SRP).

And the Deluxe Version for $179.99 (also SRP).

You can also get on one of Sideshow’s payment plans. Right now a plan can be as much as 3 months long. But the closer to release we get, the less payments (bigger payments) you’ll need to make.

Sideshow states that the expected release is between August and October 2018. But I think they will have them either late September or early October, just like Flossie’s will. (And we have them up for a lower price right now!)

Speaking of Flossie’s: we are running a Kong Pre-Order Sale right now. It’s scheduled to end next Friday, but if we got too many orders, I may have to end it sooner. You can preorder the Standard Kong for $124.99 and the Deluxe for $159.99.

So, that’s my first blog post. Not news, not a review. Just me yappin’ ’bout stuff. Please let me know what you think. Was this post useful and would you want more like it? Please comment below.

I’m gonna go make some nutritious chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce and watch the The Black Scorpion blu-ray that just came in today. Willis O’Brien!!