You have another chance to grab one of the ultimate Godzilla collectibles, the Gigantic Burning Godzilla

Bandai Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995 SDCC Exclusive vinyl figure from Bluefin.

Bluefin Distribution today announced the Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995 (1999°C Version) SDCC Exclusive vinyl figure. It will be available “exclusively” through Bandai‘s official North American distributor, Bluefin, at both the SDCC and G-Fest conventions (in San Diego and Chicago, respectively) this very month. (More on availability later in this post).

The figure is limited to only 500 units worldwide.

It has a highly stylized sculpt based on Godzilla’s appearance in the 1995 film Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. It is truly MASSIVE at nearly 19 inches tall and about 34 inches long! Out of the box, the figure weighs nearly 8 pounds.

Most of the figure is made with heavy, translucent vinyl. Yellow, orange and red paint applications, applied from the inside, interact with the clear and refractive properties on the outside for a truly AMAZING reproduction of the fiery patches seen in the movie.

This figure has quickly become a prized fan/collector favorite as it literally exudes the fierceness and power of the “spirit” of the monster. This piece is sure to be a highlight, if not the main star, of your Godzilla collection.

Not X-Plus?

Even though this figure is created from the same mold which X-Plus used, X-Plus’ name is nowhere to be found on the box nor the press materials. It’s referred to as coming from either a “Bandai Vendor” or “Bandai Gashapon”.

I don’t pretend to understand the relationship between X-Plus and Bandai, but I do know that it’s tight. X-Plus obtains all of their Toho licenses from a company called Plex (you can see their logo on all of your X-Plus boxes.) And Plex is the licensing arm of Bandai.

Okay, whatever. At the end of the day, it’s still the “same” thing with only minor differences.

Unboxing Video

A Bluefin employee tackles the gigantic box (with the help of Bluefin brand manager for X-Plus). It’s not for the faint-hearted. He nearly butchers the box—I guess he’s excited, too!

Bluefin/Bandai GBG vs. X-Plus GBG: The Differences

This new version of the figure is created from the same mold which X-Plus used for their version (released back in August 2014). But there are a few key differences.

The tail comes completely and permanently attached on this version—hence the need for the insidiously huge box. That’s a nice feature, but only after you get it home. SDCC and G-Fest attendees will have a serious dilemma when it comes to carting this thing back to the cave, especially since most attendees will be traveling from afar.

Half of the X-Plus version came with tails that are overly and easily convinced to disconnect when handled, but their box sizes were much, much more manageable than this new behemoth.

The outline of the fiery patches on Godzilla’s neck, chest and thighs are created by determining where the asphalt black would end on the outside. On this new figure, there is more fire. Whereas the X-Plus version had little hints of orange on the neck, this new Bluefin/Bandai version is much hotter. There’s more to see across the neck with patches reaching further up and additional “veins” of fire and that’s as it should be if you go by the movie. Bluefin/Bandai version wins here.

They’re also more colorful. As stated in the video, “The orange is a much brighter, more vibrant color.” Yes, ’tis true. They are indeed much brighter. But don’t knock my X-Plus and make it sound like the new one is superior, buddy! One could argue that the brighter colors make it look more toylike. 😛

The smaller, outer rows of dorsal fins on the back, and all over the tail are much brighter and whiter on the Bluefin/Bandai version. There are darker, ashy whites on the X-Plus version which I feel is more reserved and realistic. You decide.

Though not really visible in the video, it’s stated that there is more paint detail on the claws of the hands and feet. One more point for the Bluefin/Bandai version.

Finally, the eyes on the Bluefin/Bandai version are brighter and certainly more “piercing”. Seeing as how this figure is already stylized, that’s a definite plus.

Side view of Bluefin's Bandai Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995.

That’s it. It’s practically the same aside from some differences in the paint. If you are an X-Plus purist, I think you’ll find this version of the figure will fit in just fine. You could even casually still refer to it as an X-Plus.

How to Get a Bluefin/Bandai Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995

UPDATE: The Bluefin Press Release was utterly wrong about this figure being available at G-Fest. It turns out they’re only taking pre-orders in Chicago.

The Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995 (1999°C Version) will first be available for pre-order at G-Fest XXIII, being held this year from July 15 thru July 17 at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare.

It will then be available at San Diego Comic-Con, July 21 thru July 24 at the San Diego Convention Center.

The suggested retail price is $500. Yep, half a grand. The original X-Plus Ric 2014 Release was almost a C-note less. But those days are gone. This is now an exclusive and highly limited run. If you want/need one, start planning right now!

No doubt, the gray market will be ready to jump on this. If it does, be prepared for high markups on Ebay. And, don’t forget to factor in the insane shipping cost this huge box will demand.

Better yet, don’t take a chance. Get your ass to G-Fest or SDCC. Don’t forget to bring a truck!

Getting it home

Take it to the UPS Store and ship it to yourself. I’m not saying this is the best way to do it. But if you traveled to get to the con, it’s probably the only way.

Just keep in mind that the bill will be… gigantic.

For SDCC, there are several UPS Stores in the 92101 zip code, but the closest is 5 minutes away at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina.

The only question now is, how the hell do you get it to the UPS store?

[NOTE: I’m not familiar with San Diego so please research this online yourself and plan ahead!]

The box will probably not fit into your car. But you could take it out of the box, collapse the box and squeeze the foam sides in separately. Just plan ahead and bring a blanket or something to wrap the figure in so it doesn’t get scuffed on the trip back home.

If you don’t already own the X-Plus Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995, I sincerely hope you find a way to grab the Bluefin / Bandai version. This thing is badass. It’s highly detailed, badass, huge, badass and it’s badass!

• This figure does NOT light up.
• According to Bluefin’s media department, this figure WILL be at G-Fest. You will be able to buy one and take one home with you.
• It’s not clear yet whether or not Bandai is holding on to any of this run to be made available in Japan or other world markets. But, this is a possibility. If you don’t live in the U.S., pay attention, just in case.
• Click here to See the Kaiju Addicts Review of the X-Plus Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995 for tons of photos and more details on that version.
• SPECIAL THANKS to collector Michael Farrah for letting me know there was a Bluefin Press Release out there and for forwarding it to me!