A collection of tips for your X-Plus Godzilla vinyl collections. Get advice on collecting X-Plus, displays, cleaning, assembling and more.

David Eric Dopko gives tips on touching up and repainting X-Plus

David Eric Dopko repaints his X-Plus Goji 62.

Have you ever considered touching up the paint apps on any of your X-Plus vinyls? How about a total repaint? X-Plus collector and modeler, David Eric Dopko, introduces you to techniques and considerations in this painter primer interview.

Click here to get David’s tips and tricks!

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Mike Eberl Shows you How to Add Sound to your X-Plus Figures

X-Plus Collector Mike Eberl shows you how to give your vinyls a voice! His video takes you through the steps of obtaining an inexpensive audio module, adding your kaiju sounds and attaching it to your figure which will make them roar at the touch of a button!

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MAILBAG: Dusting X-Plus


Good morning!

First of all, I want to say I really enjoy the Kaiju Addicts site. I discovered it around the time of the 2014 movie, when I also started getting into the older movies (up to that point I had only seen the 1998 movie and Godzilla vs Monster Zero). Your reviews helped me decide on getting my own Godzilla 2003 X-Plus figure. Even though I don’t intend to get any more figures, I still look forward to your reviews.

I have a question I’m hoping you can help with. I keep my Godzilla clean by wiping it down with a damp paper towel now and then, but after a few years a lot of dust has gathered between his fins and the folds of his skin. I can’t wipe harder with the paper towel because the figure’s texture will just tear it up. I also don’t want to risk taking any paint off the figure. I thought perhaps I could use compressed air, but I decided to ask you, first. How do you clean your X-Plus figures?

Thanks for your time!
– Kristofer R.

Hey, Kris!

I usually use a soft paint brush to lightly dust my figures off. (The kind you paint walls with.) I usually do this at least once a year. The shape of the brush makes it easy to get in between the rows of dorsal spines.

Some collectors run their X-Plus figures under the sink or in the shower. That’s a perfectly fine thing to do. Just try to avoid having the water go inside the figure. And try not to use a lot of pressure.

In your case, I would not use the damp paper towel method any more. What I think is happening is that the water accumulates in the deep parts of the figure’s texture and takes some dust with it. You can’t reach this with the paper towel and the water needs to simply evaporate. But the dust that the water took with it stays there in the creases.

If I were you I would get the soft paint brush and dust it off first. And then run it under water to try to get the dust stuck in the texture.

A word about not doing anything: These vinyls sometimes off-gas. If you have a lot of dust on them, the gas can’t escape. Some of this gas accumulates and combines with the dust on the surface of the figure. This makes your figures sticky.


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Bryce Erwin’s ‘Kaiju Kollection’ is Actually More a Curation

With so many X-Plus releases coming out, it’s often hard to decide when to buy and when to pass. Collector Bryce Erwin takes you on a tour of his own collection and discusses how he carefully curates instead of collects. His approach makes a world of sense considering the price tags on most of these pieces.

This video is also a fantastic introduction to collecting X-Plus in general. If you’re new to the line, you’re in for a treat.

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Combining an Original 25cm Godzilla 1964 with the new Mothra 1964

Combining an original Godzilla '64 with the new Mothra '64.

The new Large Monster Series Mothra 1964 Ric Boy version came paired with a re-issue of the Large Monster Series Godzilla 1964. Some collectors, though, already had the original release of the 25cm Series Godzilla ’64 already sitting on their shelves and so opted to buy Mothra solo.

Thing is, there’s a footprint on Mothra’s sandy base meant for Godzilla’s foot to rest in. The new G’64 comes with a small base that rests under his tail and lets one foot sit on Mothra’s base and the other on the shelf. Owners of the original Godzilla ’64, though, have a completely different, fuller base with raises the figure slightly off the shelf and supports it into a standing position. (The figure can’t stand properly without something holding the tail up.)

Footprint on Mothra Base.

Now, just because you have an original Godzilla beside a new Mothra doesn’t mean you can’t arrange them the same way as the Ric set was meant to. As I already demonstrated in my recent 25cm Godzilla 1964 Review, you can have the figure stand directly on the shelf and still use the base to support the tail, just not in the way in which it was intended.

So, if you like, you can still “connect” these two figures even if you don’t have that new mini base for Godzilla. Just press his foot into the footprint, press and hold it while sliding the original base behind him until his right heal and tail rest on it.

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Creating Stomping Grounds for X-Plus with N-Scale Buildings

N Scale Buildings and X-Plus promo graphic.

N Scale Buildings made for electric train sets are a great way to add even more interest and pizzazz to your X-Plus collection. You can scatter them between figures on the shelves. Or, you can create entire dioramas using not only N Scale buildings but environment elements like hills and trees. Plus, toy photographers can reach new levels of awesomeness by incorporating them into their shots. Having Godzilla on your shelf is cool. But having him tower over buildings is potentially cooler! N Scale buildings help make these 12-inch X-Plus vinyls feel a little bigger on the shelf.

Click Here for the Article!


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X-Plus Tail Attachment Demo by GodzillaFanFreaks

Tail attachment is one of the things most asked about in the X-Plus collecting hobby. Here to reinforce the technique of “Hot Butt, Cold Tail” is the GodzillaFanFreak himself, Everett Grodin.

Using the newly released Diamond Reissues of Godzilla 1962 and Hedorah, Everett shows you how to get the tails on ridiculously easy.

See more of his reviews at GodzillaFanFreaks Youtube Channel.

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How to Order X-Plus Wave 5 Figures from your Local Comic Shop

Diamond Previews May X-Plus Spread.

Getting X-Plus Godzilla Figures from your local comic store

You can visit your local comic shop and ask if they are willing to special order either or all of the upcoming X-Plus (Wave 5) Figures from Diamond. By doing this you not only help support your local shop, you may also help to promote the X-Plus Diamond Reissues. And what’s good for X-Plus and Diamond is good for us!

Plus, you’ll save money on having the item shipped to you since you’ll be picking it up at the store yourself. (Just keep in mind when he gives you a price that the shop owner has to pay for having the figure(s) shipped to him.)

X-Plus Wave 5 Vinyl Figures

The wave 5 figures are Godzilla 1962 from King Kong vs. Godzilla, Godzilla 1968 from Destroy All Monsters and Hedorah from Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster.

X-Plus Diamond Re-Issues Godzilla 1968, 1962 and Hedorah.

If you do go to your local comic shop and find that the owner is not familiar with X-Plus vinyl figures, tell them they come from Diamond Distributors. You can also point them out to him from the May 2014 issue of Previews Magazine. He should have this on hand. The figures in this month’s issue are located on pages 550 and 551.

The shop owner can also search for these figures for you on the Diamond Retailer Website. You could help him make the search go faster by providing the stock numbers. They are:

STK643274 – Godzilla 1962

STK643276 – Godzilla 1968

STK643275 – Hedorah

At this time they are expected to be released in late October. But the Preorder window is open RIGHT NOW. Missing out on a Preorder means potentially missing your chance altogether. And you are not the only one who needs move quickly. Shops are required to make their orders to Diamond Distributors BEFORE MAY 29th. There “probably” needn’t be any concern that the shop will forget to order them on time, since all merchandise from Diamond has the same deadline.

Keep in mind that many online shops continue to take preorders for these figures well after the deadline. Some of them may simply be betting that extras will be available. So whether you make your purchase from a shop in person or online, see if you can make sure your seller is getting their order in to Diamond on time.


Collecting X-Plus Godzilla Vinyl Re-Issues via Diamond Distributors in North America.
X-Plus / Diamond Re-Issue Release Schedule.

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Rich Eso demonstrates X-Plus Varan tail attachment

Collectors are finally getting their hands on their new X-Plus 30cm Varan vinyl figures from Diamond. Tail attachment on this figure is potentially difficult. The tail itself is softer than usual and is prone to crumbling when inserting into the body. Add to that a double layer of vinyl around the body hole which seems to resist softening up with the hairdryer.

Rich Eso, however, makes it look easy!

Watch his video and safe yourself some potential trouble.

See more of Rich’s reviews on his Fresh Vinyl YouTube Channel.

And be sure to visit Rich’s Fresh Vinyl Facebook Page!

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