X-Plus Godzilla 1964 Vinyl Figure Review.



東宝30cmシリーズ 「ゴジラ(1964版)発光Ver.」 少年リック限定商品

JAPAN original RELEASE: 2010

JAPAN Re-Issue RELEASE: June 2013

North America Re-Issue: April 2013



FROM: “Mothra vs. Godzilla”, 1964

HEIGHT: 12 INCHES / 30.48 CM
WIDTH: 7.25 INCHES / 18.41 CM
LENGTH: 16.5 INCHES / 41.91 CM


The 1964 Godzilla suit is a fan favorite and the X-Plus vinyl figure is equally revered. This is a highlight of many a collection.

The X-Plus Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 1964 was one of the earlier figures to come out and it’s a winner all around. The standard version of the figure has an open mouth and a Ric Boy exclusive version came with an alternate lower jaw for a closed mouth.

Only a Ric Boy version of this re-issue was offered and it came with a closed mouth and a light gimmick that allows you to light the back fins. This re-issue was very well received. So much so that those figures that still remain in the aftermarket, after only two or three months, already have insane price tags on them.

This figure will be a North American Diamond Re-issue and is a part of Diamond’s third wave of releases. The window for pre-orders closed last November, but you still may have time to ask your local comic shop about it, or find it online. They are expected to ship March 2014.

These re-issues will go FAST. If you haven’t pre-ordered one, you might be out of luck. If you want one, you should scope the web immediately when they’re released and be prepared to pounce!


X-Plus Godzilla 1964 Standard and Reissue versions side by side.

It shouldn’t take you long to conclude that the X-Plus Godzilla 1964 is a fantastic likeness. The sculpt (almost) completely captures the shape of the suit. Even the attitude of Godzilla is captured perfectly. I do think, though, that the sculptor may have taken a liberty in making the legs a little thicker than they should be, and placing them a little closer in the crotch than the actual suit had them. What do you think?

(Pictured on the left is the original 2010 Japan standard release with open mouth. On the right is the 2013 Japan Re-issue with closed mouth. They are identical.)

X-Plus Godzilla 1962 Vinyl Figure - High shot.

All of Godzilla’s 1964 trademarks are present and well done, most notably his long, individually sculpted fingers, his alligator-ish feet and even the position of his tail which was constantly jerked up into the air by wire in the movie.

X-Plus Godzilla 1964 head shots.

X-Plus got the head right! (Although for some reason I don’t think my photos show it.) His flat yet puffy snout is reproduced perfectly as are his smooth eyebrow… things. The eyes are dead on and so are the unique shape and length of his individually sculpted teeth.

Ric Boy version with closed mouth headshot.

One detail that bugs me is the over prominence of the throat seam. The bottom jaw is a separate piece that’s glued in for all versions except the 2010 Ric Boy. It has a noticeable line arcing over the throat. The path this line follows does indeed mimic a feature on the suit, but it was no where near this visible.

Those of you who acquire the 2013 re-issue won’t be able to enjoy the mouth full of individual teeth. But check out the fangs on the closed mouth version!


There are glue seals at the ankles, knees, wrists and, as usual, the entire back piece. Most of these aren’t terribly noticeable with the exception of the very top of the back piece behind the neck. The tail joint is an okay fit, but could be more snug on both figures.

As I mentioned already, the most significant seam on this guy is on the front of the neck.


X-Plus Godzilla 1964 - All Views.

The pose is awesome. It looks to me like it was taken from the scene in the movie when Godzilla appraoched the grounded Mothra right after she exhausted all of her strength and went to lay with her egg. I love the way Godzilla’s head is tilted downward and his eyes are tucked up to look forward. Again, the position of the tail is typical for this suit. Some collectors question whether the tail should have been positioned the way it is. And I’ve often encountered confusion about why its curved like that. I admit I did the same thing when I first saw it myself. But now I’m glad they did it that way. It’s reminiscent of the movie and breaks the pattern of most other Godzilla tails on the X-Plus shelf.


The paint job on the X-Plus Godzilla ’64 vinyl figure is a winner. As usual Goji has a base coat of asphalt black but with lots of highlights. Brownish (tan?) areas are airbrushed onto his chest, knees and snout. A sort of off green runs along the underside of the tail and looks great… except where it suddenly just stops with no feathering or attempt at transition where the tail meets the body. The claws look amazing! The eyelids are a dark, dull army green. And, as mentioned earlier, the eyes are painted with perfection. The eyes and the teeth are topped off with a glossy coating.


X-Plus Godzilla 1954, 1955, 1962 and 1964.

The X-Plus Godzilla 1964 vinyl fits right in with most of his Toho 30cm series buddies. Pictured here: Godzilla 1954, 1955, 1962 and 1964.


Top View - Footprint.

The Godzilla 1964 vinyl figure is about sixteen and a half inches long. The tail goes straight back with very little curving side to side. One feature of this figure which may affect its shelf placement is the downward curve of its tail. The tip of this tail is basically a third leg and it allows the figure to stand. Without it, Godzilla would lean backward. I’ve found that this tip often falls over the back edge of the shelf, so you’ll have to pull this guy a little closer to the front to prevent this.


Ric Boy version exclusive feature: Light-up fins.

The June 2013 Japan release comes with translucent dorsal fins loaded with vivid blue LED lights. The light is brightest near the base of the spines and doesn’t quite reach to the tips, but it’s impressive nonetheless. The lights are controlled from an external black box which holds the switch and a pair of LR44 batteries (the same kind you use for laser pointers). The box has a connector that looks like a phono jack which plugs into the rear of the left leg.


X-Plus Godzilla 1964 vinyl figure with Mothra Imago.

Embellished photo of the X-Plus Godzilla 1964 vinyl figure.


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