X-Plus Toho 30cm Series Gorosaurus vinyl figure.


30cmシリーズ ゴロザウルス




SERIES: TOHO 30cm Series (12 Inch Series)


FROM: キングコングの逆襲 “King Kong’s Counterattack”, 1967.
(“King Kong Escapes”, 1968)

HEIGHT: 9.5 INCHES / 24.10 CM

WIDTH: 6.25 INCHES / 15.8 CM



ARTICULATION: Elbows, Knees, Ankles.


Gorosaurus appeared in the 1967 film King Kong’s Counterattack and Hollywood’s version of it, King Kong Escapes, a year later. Gorosaurus sported krazy, kangaroo-style kaiju kicks before getting downed by Kong – all in less than five minutes of screen time. He appeared again as a member on the DAM roster in Destroy All Monsters in 1968.

The Toho 30cm Series Gorosaurus 1967 vinyl figure was first released in 2008, at the very beginning of X-Plus‘ current ‘way of doing things’. It appeared again as a kit in 2010, and yet again as a special 1968 repaint version in 2011 and, finally, as a re-issue licensed for North America via Diamond Distributors. This review is for the Diamond Reissue.

Before I go on, I just want to say that I was never much of a Gorosaurus fan. I got this figure only because the completist in me just couldn’t say ‘no’ to another X-Plus. And, just as with Varan (also not previously a huge fan of), I was wowed by the figure as soon as I took it out of box. It looks so much better in person than it did in the same old photos I saw on the web for the last two years. What is this power X-Plus has to win me over?


The box for the X-Plus Gorosaurus Vinyl Figure.The inside packaging for the X-Plus 30cm Gorosorus figure.

As usual, this 30cm Series vinyl figure comes in a plain, brown box with box art on the front. This Diamond Reissue cover sports a new design which brings it up-to-date with current releases. If you’re not familiar with the original box design, the PX Previews Exclusive logo on the front lets you know you’re getting the North American Reissue.

Inside, the figure is wired into a plastic shell. The tail needs to be attached.

The tail joint flange is thinner than on most other figures.The tail hole and body hole may not be the same shape right out of the box.

Instead of the larger suction cup-style flange we’re used to seeing on newer figures, Gorosaurus’ tail has a very short, squareish rim. Because of this, the tail can pop off the figure with very little effort. Fortunately, it pops back in just as easily.

Getting the tail on the first time, though, was troublesome for me. The “butt” hole on my figure was squooshed into a horizontal ellipse. The tail hole was squooshed vertically in the opposite direction. Because of this, I blasted the butt with the hair dryer since it was obvious it needed some re-shaping. With the tail end still cool and stiff, I pushed and twisted and it just did not want to go in at first. The hole on the body just completely capitulated to the tail and didn’t have the strength to push its way over the tail’s rim. Blah, blah, blah. Let me just suggest that when you attach the tail yours that you heat and soften the body hole just a little and not as much as you’re used to.


Right out of the box, the figure's legs may need adjustment.The legs after proper adjustment.

You may notice jacked up feet running at extremely different angles on your Gorosaurus before you even get him out of the plastic shell. Don’t panic, this is easily corrected. This figure has joints at both knees and ankles. AFTER you have the tail attached, stand Goro on the edge of a table and get down low and look at the feet from as close to a zero-degree angle as you can. Then twist both knees until both feet are flat on the floor. Keep in mind that the back of the right foot curves up away from the floor; that’s normal. Also, the figure’s right knee has a subtle step in the sculpt which gives a clue as to where that legs wants to be; start there first.

Goro’s tail has two joints on it and chances are yours won’t be aligned right out of the box. Give ’em both a tweak and set ’em straight. You probably want to do this after you attach the tail to the body since they’re a bit loose.


X-Plus Gorosaurus side view against black.

As far as my untrained, previously-non-Goro-fan eyes can see: this is one helluva likeness. And what an awesome sculpt! It captures the suit from every every angle! Check out the Pose section for more on that.

Gorosaurus vinyl against a black background.

I’m in awe of the detailed reptilian skin texture on this figure. It’s like every single bump got individual attention. All of the sculpted folds in the skin is just crazy.

Hate to keep repeating myself, but for the new collectors: check out those individually sculpted teeth! Also, you’d expect no one to bother with the tongue since the mouth is almost closed… but it’s in there! You can’t see it unless you tilt it back and squint yer eyes in there.

The pose is unmistakably Goro all the way and it looks good from so many angles.


The X-Plus Gorosaurus has joints at both elbows. The right elbow joint is elliptical and will complain if you try to move it. The left elbow is more round and will gladly let you tweak the rotation. As stated previously, both knees have joints and you need them to straighten his feet when preparing it for the shelf. Unfortunately, all four of these joints are somewhat noticeable; especially the elbows. For some reason, I’m not very annoyed by this. The figure looks cool and it is, after all, a vinyl figure. This is an early figure and X-plus has since gotten much better at hiding these connections.

The ankles have joints which just don’t want to bothered. Leave them be unless they came out of place. They are reasonably unnoticeable.

The two joints on the tail are, for the most part, well hidden between the segments in the sculpt. However, they are a bit loose and may easily move out of alignment with handling. The tail matches the body fairly well on the top, yet has a slight gap on the underside.

As for glued seams: there are two. The bottom jaw is a separate piece and has a seam which is only somewhat noticeable, but only if you look. Mine has a bit of a gap on one side and I expect the degree of this varies on each figure. The main body is in two piece as so there is a seam running along the front right above the waist and up the back. Again, it’s mostly unseen unless you look for it. Photos have already turned up online where some figures have large gaps and outright holes along this connection.


The pose is unmistakably Goro all the way and it looks good from so many angles. This is one of the reasons why I was taken aback when I first pulled it out of the box. I had gotten used to seeing the same old production photos of this figure online for the past two years. I had no idea its pose had so much more to offer.

X-Plus 30cm Gorosaurus - View angle 1.X-Plus 30cm Gorosaurus - View angle 5.
X-Plus 30cm Gorosaurus - View angle 8.X-Plus 30cm Gorosaurus - View angle 4.
X-Plus 30cm Gorosaurus - View angle 7.X-Plus 30cm Gorosaurus - View angle 3.
X-Plus 30cm Gorosaurus - View angle 6.X-Plus 30cm Gorosaurus - View angle 2.

With so many choices, I can’t decide how I want this figure to stand on the shelf!


Close-up of the head.

Gorosaurus is covered with a dark, dull, unsaturated green (bluish-green?) which seems to be a few notches lighter than it should be when comparing it to the suit in the movie. There are even darker shades sprayed in the creases on his back. (See the Footprint section for a look at that.) His throat, belly and underside of the tail is a reserved tan which fades well into the green. This tan, however, is applied a bit more liberally than on the actual suit. There are dull red highlights (shadows?) sprayed onto the throat, belly and inside the thighs. These red highlights looks great on the figure, though the throat looks as though it needs more of it.

Paint applications on the throat.

The inside of the mouth and gums are a dark red and, as usual, the individually sculpted teeth are individually painted which makes them really look like they’re protruding out of the gums. Despite being expertly applied, though, the white used on the teeth is too bright and looks somewhat toyish, especially since it contrasts so much against the overly dark colors around it.

Despite the liberties this paint job takes from the suit, it’s look fan-f’n-tastic! The throat is particularly impressive.


I saved some potentially bad news for last. The X-Plus Gorosaurus is short compared to other 30cm Series Figures. You may not mind this as much if you consider that he’s leaning strongly forward. Myself, I don’t care. I’m having trouble not loving this thing.

30cm Series Gorosaurus with Godzilla 1962 and 1968.

Flanked by 30cm Series figures Godzilla 1962 and Godzilla 1968 (which is a shortie, too), Gorosaurus is noticeably challenged in the height department. But he’s not the only one…

30cm Series Gorosaurus with Baragon and Gaira.

There are 30cm Series figures with heights similar to Gorosaurus such as Baragon 1968 and Gaira.

X-Plus 30cm Gorosaurus size comparison with Anguirus 1968.

Hell, at least he’s taller than Anguirus 1968. Which reminds me…

X-Plus 30cm Gorosaurus with other Destroy All Monsters alum.

Gorosaurus would make a nice addition to your collection, especially if you have a 30cm Series Destroy All Monsters shelf.


Top view.

The X-Plus Gorosaurus is about 9.5 inches (24cm) tall, 6.25 inches (15.8cm) wide toe to toe and about 16 inches (40.6cm) long nose to tail, however it’s only 12 inches from toes to tail (if you don’t mind your figure reaching over the edge of the shelf.)

The tail makes a bend toward the figure’s left side which is perfect for scooping up behind it’s nearest neighbor on the shelf, assuming that the tails don’t collide. This figure seems to fit in well on a crowded shelf. It’s tail could limit the angles you display it at in tighter spaces.


The X-Plus Toho 30cm Series Gorosaurus is far from being 30cm tall. Despite its lack of height, it is an incredible likeness of the suit in both sculpt and pose. It has a detailed paint job which (mostly) represents the “real” thing and brings variety to the shelf. It has noticeable joints but looks great from SO MANY angles. I am so STOKED to add this figure to my collection despite not really previously being into this kaiju. The X-Plus Gorosaurus made a fan out of me.


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X-Plus Gorosaurus Vinyl Figure - Rear view against black.