X-Plus Gigantic Series Godzilla 2019 vinyl figure.


Dengeki Hobby Web has published an early look at the upcoming Gigantic Series Godzilla (2019) vinyl figure by X-Plus. It is based on the most recent film Godzilla: King of the Monsters which is started to trickle out of theaters and is headed to digital and blu ray this August.

It’s stated that the figure’s height is 47cm (18.5 inches) tall and a monstrous 97cm (38 inches) long.

Pictured here is the prototype figure with prototype paint apps. A Ric Exclusive version is said to have highlights on the dorsal spines to mimic their appearance just before Godzilla fires off his atomic breath. There has not yet been word on a “nuclear” (burning) version.

This final sculpt reveals some tweaks added after its first appearance at Wonder Festival last February. Most notably, the tail no longer rests on the “ground”. Instead, it’s raised above and requires a tail stand now.

Dengeki Hobby Web reports that the figure will run you ¥66,000 (about $609 USD). They don’t specify if that is for the Standard or the Ric. It may be the price tag for the Standard since that’s what’s pictured in their article. Note also that this price include a Japanese tax. If this figure finds its way to the U.S. Ric store, that tax will be removed.


You can order the Ric Exclusive version direct from X-Plus via their North American website for $557 plus shipping. Keep in mind you will need to pay in full up front at the time of ordering.

Click here to see more photos at the Dengeki Hobby Web article. I will post higher resolution versions here after I obtain them. I will also be posting several shots of the prototype before it was painted. There are some different angles in this lot I’m sure you’ll want to see so check back with us soon.

In the meantime, here’s a close-up look at the painted prototype at X-Plus Headquarters in Osaka. Just LOOK at that paint job!

An image of the painted prototype of the X-Plus Gigantic Series Godzilla 2019.

The dark paint on the above image may be hiding some of the detail you can expect to find on this figure. Below is a shot of it before it was painted. With this you can more clearly see the crazy detail on the skin textures.

Higher resolution shot of the unpainted X-Plus Godzilla 2019 prototype.

I will add more information, prices, stores, etc. as soon as I can so please check back soon.