William Schmeiske, on his Youtube channel Godzilla 65, reviews the Toho Large Monster Series ‘Son of Godzilla’ Commemorative Set by X-Plus. This set was released at Wonder Festival 2016 (Summer) in Japan and includes reissues of the Toho Large Monster Series Godzilla 1967 and Minya.

Also included is a slightly reworked reissue of the Toho Large Monster Series Kumonga. The original release had purple eyes to match the eyes as they appeared throughout most of the movie. There were times, though, where Kumonga’s eyes had gone red as they are in this set.

William also places this set beside the Large Monster Series Kamacuras released last year. Together, all four figures complete X-Plus’ Son of Godzilla, 怪獣島の決戦 ゴジラの息子 (1967) kaiju line-up.