Several sections of the site have been brought up-to-date

I know. I’ve been slipping. needed a lot of work and I spent the better part of the day fixing it up.

New Layout for Diamond Reissue Release Schedule

Screenshot of the revamped Diamond Reissue Release Schedule here on

I just now completed revamping and updating the Diamond and Bluefin Reissue Release Schedule page here on This includes adding all of the upcoming Large Monster Series reissues. If you’ve been wondering where they were, they’re on there now.

This page will quickly inform you as to which North American reissues are currently up for pre-order, how much they’ll cost and when they are scheduled to be released.

Previously, the figures were listed in a two-column format (as seen on the desktop). This made it a bitch for me to update. If I had to move one figure because of a date change, I had all sorts of shuffling to do to make it work. This new, single column format allows me to quickly and easily reorder the placement of figures on the page. This means I will now be able to update the schedule much more frequently now that it’s painless to do.

Even though all of the release dates are listed beside each figure, it would be easier to simply remember that they are displayed in order of their expected release. The figures due to arrive next will be at the very top of the pile. And, the further down the list you go, the later the release date will be. This will give you a super-quick visual idea of what’s coming out next.

This Release Schedule is also your guide to which figures have already been released all the way back to the very first two reissues which came out in November 2013. So, new collectors: check this page out to see what’s already come out. That way you’ll know which figures you’ll need to go on the hunt for and which figures you can still hope for in the future.


I’d like to remind all of you to keep up-to-date by visiting this page frequently. Especially since the dates seem to change so frequently now. Also, if you need to plan ahead with pricey pre-orders.

It’s easy to find. Once you arrive at, just hover over the X-PLUS GUIDES menu item until the drop-down appears, and then choose the Release Schedule from the bottom of the list.

Phone Users: It’s just as easy to find for you, too. Click on the Menu Icon (The 3 horizontal lines) and do the same. Click on X-PLUS GUIDES and then find the Schedule link at the bottom of the dropdown.

Store Section Now Completely Up-To-Date

(The STORE section is available from the main menu at the top and provides quick links to the figures at our Flossie’s site.)

Get X-Plus at Flossie's!

Oh, man, this section was all out of whack. Wrong dates, wrong order, missing figures. All fixed!

And just like the Diamond Reissues Release Schedule, I’ve reworked how the Store Section works to make it super easy for me to update in the future. Knowing that’s been done, I’m much more likely I will keep on top of things.

Authentic Godzilla and Ultraman Signed Photos available at Flossie's.

Even worse off than the X-Plus Store page was the Autographs page. I had a ton of sold out autographs listed which are all gone now. All you can see is what we have in stock including a whole bunch of new photos signed in Japan just last month by the likes of Isao Zushi (Godzilla 1974 suit actor), Akira Kubo, Yukiko Kobayashi and Yasuhiko Saijo (from Ultra Q and a bunch of Godzilla flicks). All rare and exclusive to Flossie’s!

We have a healthy number of Hirofumi Fukusawa (Gamera 1999 suit actor) and Megumi Odaka (Heisei regular, Miki Saegusa) still available.

We are starting to get low on those Shin Godzilla posters signed by Shinji Higuchi (Shin Godzilla co-director and Heisei Gamera trilogy effects whiz).