Large Monster Series Angurius 1968 by X-Plus to be sold by Diamond in the U.S.

The Toho Large Monster Series Anguirus 1968 vinyl figure from X-Plus has just been added to the North American re-issue line-up by Diamond Distributors.

Recently, we reported that X-Plus and Diamond have teamed up to bring 11 figures from what Western collectors call the “25cm Series“. All of these figures are up for preorder now and will be released between early next year and into 2019.

Now you can add your favorite Angilasaurus slash Godzilla ally to that list!

This figure is currently scheduled to release in March, 2018. This will make March quite the month from wallet crunching since the Large Monster Series King Caesar AND Destoroyah are both also slated for March.

SRP $130
The suggested retail price is $130. But your favorite Kaiju stores will likely carry it for less.

If you are in the United States or Canada, you can preorder this from your local Comic Store.

Ask for it by its new Diamond name: the Godzilla Kaiju 8in Series Angurius 1968. Don’t mind the “8in” part of the name. (Just some legal crap forcing them to call it that. Most figures in this line are actually 10 inches tall.)

Better yet, give the guy behind the counter this figure’s Item Code: AUG178399.

The “safe” deadline for retailers is December 18, 2017 so try to get your orders in before then. There will, though, likely be plenty of extras available even if you order after that date.

You can also order this from select online stores like Flossie’s, Vampire Robots, Big Bad Toy Store, etc.

We already have this figure available for preorder at Flossie’s for $116. That just a touch higher than the $109 price tag we have set for the rest of the smaller figures in this line. But, alas, Diamond raised the price for this particular figure on us retailers. That’s still a steal considering what you’d have to pay on Ebay and the secondary market.

Click here to Preorder Anguirus for $116 at Flossie’s.

This figure, being a crawler, is only about 5.75 inches tall. It’s about 12.5 inches long. Keep in mind that the tail is curved. If it were straight, it would probably be about 19 inches long.

NEW COLLECTORS: You should take note that there are actually 2 Anguirus figures currently available to order. The 30cm Series Anguirus is in stock at Flossie’s and other stores right now. This new figure up for pre-order is from the smaller line.

This figure is based on Angurius’ appearance from 1968’s Destroy All Monsters which X-Plus now has a complete line of figures for. Each and every monsters from this epic movie has been released or is being reissued soon. So if you’ve ever wanted a complete DAM line-up on your shelves, NOW is the time to go for it!