Youtube team Luminous reviews the Toho Large Monster Series King Ghidorah (1964) Ric Exclusive vinyl figure by X-Plus. This version sports paint apps depicting a movie accurate representation of King Ghidorah’s very first appearance in Ghidorah: The Three-Headed Monster (1964). But these colors were never seen on the silver screen. The suit, which features a sort of red, white and blue color palette, was changed to the all gold look we all know.

Please note that after these guys go over the box, they get sidetracked into talking about an awesome King Ghidorah jacket around the 2:25 mark and go on about that for over three minutes. The vinyl review picks up at again around the 6-minute mark.

They also discuss and compare with the previously released King Ghidorah 1968 and also put together the full roster from the movie using other previously released X-Plus vinyls.

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