X-Plus Mechagodzilla 1974 composited into a scene from the movie.

This is a composite I made with the X-Plus Large Monster Series Mechagodzilla 1974 composited into a scene from the movie. Read more to see how it was done.

Scene from "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla".

I swiped the original photo from the web. This is a scene from the movie “Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla”, 1974.

The original Mechagodzilla was removed from the background plate.

Next, I used Photoshop’s Clone Tool to sample areas in front of and behind the MG suit and painted over the image to remove him from the shot. If you look closely you’ll see that it’s not perfect work, but I will just cover up the mess with the image of the X-Plus figure anyway.

Raw shot of X-Plus 25cm Mechagodzilla 1974.

I studied how the light hit the Mechagodzilla suit in the original movie photo and tried to light my X-Plus figure the same way. I have limited lights so it wasn’t perfect.


Next, I removed the background around the image of the vinyl.

Mechagodzilla plate is added to the background.

Now I can plop the image of my X-Plus vinyl into the spot where MG previously stood in the background plate. I realized I could move him a little closer to Godzilla so I did.

Next, I looked at the color values in the shadows, midtones and highlights of the original photo and tried to tweak the X-Plus layer so that it would match. I also tried to copy the intensity of the highlights and shadows.

I then added noise on the X-Plus vinyl layer to make it look more like it’s in the film. And then I slowly blurred the crazy sharp image of the vinyl to match the focus of the background plate.