I’m not sure how I missed this but X-Plus showed off the base design for the new Large Monster Series Mothra 1964 Ric Boy Exclusive with Godzilla 1964 on their blog.

Base for the Large Monster Series Mothra 1964 vinyl figure by X-Plus.

Looks like the egg will indeed be removable from the base. Good news, methinks! You now have options as to how you want it to look on your shelves. And toy photographers, rejoice! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of ‘outside’ shots of this set.

Tail base for the Large Monster Series Godzilla 1964 vinyl figure by X-Plus.

And this photo settles the question “Will G’64 come with the base?” once and for all. Instead of the rocky platform that rose previous releases of the 25cm Godzilla 1964 to a height above other Godzilla figures in the line, you’ll be getting a little tail support instead. I kind of like this. Now Godzilla 1964 will be level with his brothers on the shelf.

I kind of wish X-Plus would make this rocky nub available separately for those of us who already have the G’64 and don’t like the original base. But, don’t fret. If you have an original and want your 64’s feet on the ground, I have an idea for that you use right now on my review.