The first 10 figures announced to be available in Diamond's second contract with X-Plus.

UPDATE (JUNE 13, 2015): X-Plus asked Diamond to remove the figures mentioned below from their retailer site and start anew with new solicitations. No need to panic. Sounds like they’re just reorganizing or something. However, we’d be foolish to assume that the list below is still rock solid. We have to consider that there may possibly be some changes. I don’t know this for a fact. I’m just saying that they’re shuffling things around and things may change. Also, recently some item codes were created for some of the Godzilla figures. No word yet on which ones they are.

The new contract between Diamond Distributors and X-Plus was recently announced and I’ve finally got some kaiju names! The first 10 figures (that we know about) are:

12 Inch Series Baragon 1965 SRP $160
12 Inch Series Rodan 1968 (Do they mean 1964?) SRP $180
12 Inch Series King Ghidorah 1968 SRP $418
12 Inch Series Anguirus 1962 (Probably a typo and meant to be 1968) SRP $160
12 Inch Series Gigan 1972 SRP $160
12 Inch Series Titanosaurus SRP $160
12 Inch Series Biollante SRP $599
12 Inch Series Space Godzilla SRP $180
12 Inch Series Kiryu 2003 SRP $200
12 Inch Series Gigan 2004 SRP $200

Note the “12 Inch Series King Ghidorah” and the “12 Inch Series Biollante”. We all know that both are actually a part of the Large Monster Series (aka 25cm Scale). So, please don’t get confused by their official North American names.

Also, the line has quite possibly been renamed the “Godzilla Kaiju 12 Inch Series“. I kept the old series name in my list because I’m just not sure about this yet.

There are still 14 more figures which we do not know about yet, and that includes the Godzilla figures.

No word yet on a schedule.

The new figures are slated (as far as I know right now) to start showing up in July of this year. And when it does start, there will be two figures offered EVERY MONTH. So you’ve been warned! Start saving now!

Note that some online stores have a habit of posting pre-orders for these figures before their actual pre-order starts. Some also post incorrect expected release dates. When in doubt, consult the X-Plus Diamond Re-Issue Release Schedule here on Kaiju Addicts. I won’t steer you wrong!

For now, Flossie’s Gifts will not put up any figures for pre-order until a schedule appears. But don’t worry, we’re definitely going to carry them and take care of you guys like we’ve been!