Kaiju Addicts Release Calendar.

Happy first of June! And with this new month comes a new Kaiju Addicts feature: an online calendar which will allow you to easily keep track of Pre-order Deadline, Expected Figure Release Dates and more.

The idea for this feature came when I almost forgot to place my order for the 30cm Series Mechagodzilla. I couldn’t decide whether or not to get the Ric or Standard. (I wound up ordering both!) Thing is, I thought I had more time to decide. When I realized the deadline was looming I decided to come up with a way to avoid this from happening again.

It is easily accessible from the right of the top menu bar seeing as how it will likely be a frequently referenced tool. From phones and some tablets, the Calendar link will be at the bottom of the list when you press the Menu “hamburger”. This calendar collapses nicely for views on mobile phones, too.

Now you can keep track of Japanese Release Pre-order deadlines, Figure release dates for both Japan and the North American Diamond Re-issues and important Flossie’s events like when figures will come to be in stock.

Expanding events will also lead to helpful links for ordering.

Please keep in mind that release dates can change all the time so this calendar may not be 100% accurate. But it’s a good starting point. And a great way to remind you to start saving for a release and which months your wallet will get that extra squeeze.

— John