X-Plus booth at Winter Wonder Festival 2020 exhibition in Japan.

The long X-Plus drought is over at last. Today X-Plus is showing off a slew of new, upcoming vinyls at the Winter Wonder Festival exhibition in Japan. Their table is literally overflowing with figures, many of them being seen by us for the very first time. Let’s dig in.

30cm Series Megalon

30cm Series Megalon vinyl figure by X-Plus on display at Winter Wonderfestival.
Another angles of the 30cm Series Megalon vinyl figure by X-Plus on display at Winter Wonderfestival.

Collectors have been clamoring for a 30cm Series Megalon for quite some time now. Looks like the wait for that is just about up, although there is no date yet set. Won’t be long now!

You will be able to pair this big bug with other X-Plus vinyls based on the 1973 Showa classic, Godzilla vs. Megalon. Namely, the 30cm Series Jet Jaguar (released in August 2018) or the 30cm Series Gigan 1972 (first released in 2010 with several reissues) as a stand-in. You’ll have to wait, though, for a Godzilla 1973 to complete the entire Godzilla vs. Megalon roster on your shelf. Just a matter of time for that though.

(X-Plus had previously released Megalon in the Large Monster Series (25cm Series) all the way back in 2011. That figure has seen several reissues since then. Despite its reissues, it has remained a rare and hard-to-get piece. This 30cm Series version is a very welcome addition.)

30cm Series Godzilla 1993 and Large Monster Series Godzilla 2002

X-Plus 30cm Series Godzilla 1993 and 25cm Godzilla 2002 on display at Winter Wonder Festival in Japan.

If the Megalon announcement failed to knock you out of your chair, this double of whammy of more modern fare may do the trick.

The 30cm Series Godzilla (1993) is a proper new entry for your Heisei vinyl collection. And it’s been a long time coming.

It seems that most of the Heisei Godzilla vinyls we’ve been getting lately have all belonged to the height-challenged Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection. But this release is NOT a Sakai. It’s a regular X-Plus sculpt and so will be a full-sized figure!

Almost as exciting as having a new, full-sized Heisei Goji is the fact that this figure will allow you to complete the full Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1993) kaiju roster on your shelves. You can combine it with the previously released 30cm Series Mechagodzilla (1993) (released in July 2017) and the 30cm Series Fire Rodan (released December 2018).

There is no word yet on preorder or release dates for Godzilla (1993). Stay tuned.

Also revealed for the very first time is the Large Monster Series Godzilla (2002) hailing from Godzilla x Mechagodzilla (Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla).

This figure will be the only 2002 entry on your shelf. One can only hope that this release means that a 25cm Kiryu could be in the works down the line.

The Large Monster Series Godzilla (2002) is expected to be released in May 2002. Stay tuned for Preorder dates.

Gigantic Godzilla 2019 (Nuclear Version)

X-Plus Gigantic Series Burning Godzilla 2019 vinyl figure at Winter Wonder Festival.

Another surprise is this modified version of the previously released Gigantic Series Godzilla 2019. This version has a lowered head and is brandishing closed fists. It has been confirmed that this will be a Burning Godzilla 2019 version.

There is no word on preorder and release dates, so stay tuned.

Large Monster Series Godzilla 2019

Large Monster Series Godzilla 2019 vinyl figure by X-Plus.

Also appearing for the first time is an unpainted prototype for the Large Monster Series Godzilla (2019).  It may not have the awe-inspiring mass which the Gigantic Series version does, but it does come with a much nicer price tag. And is a godsend for 25cm Series collectors, especially since Godzilla (2014) snubbed that line.

Large Monster Series Godzilla 2019 vinyl figure by X-Plus.
Large Monster Series Godzilla 2019 vinyl figure by X-Plus.

Also, keep this in mind: If X-Plus plans to rip through the full roster of the main 2019 monsters, this should be the scale they will do it in. So you will need this figure for a potential confrontation with King Ghidorah (2019), Rodan (2019) and Mothra (2019).

There is no word yet on preorder or release dates. Stay tuned.

Gigantic Series Ultraman and Baltan

X-Plus Gigantic Series Ultraman Steel Type and Baltan.

On display was a painted prototype of the upcoming Gigantic Series Ultraman (C-Type) Steel Color Version vinyl figure. This huge vinyl is based on Ultraman’s original series from 1966-1967. While this figure was already previously released, this new Steel Color Version boasts bluish silver with shades of vermillion.

This vinyl is up for preorder right now for ¥20,000 in Japan only (not an international release). You have until February 28th to reserve one and it should be released in April 2020.

The true surprise here, though, is the presence of an unpainted prototype for a Gigantic Series of Alien Baltan, on of Ultraman’s most famous foes from the same original series. This is the first Gigantic Ultra figure which doesn’t depict an Ultraman.

There is no preorder or release date yet set for Baltan. Stay tuned.

Gigantic Series Mechagodzilla 1974 vinyl figure by X-Plus on display at Winter Wonder Festival in Japan.OTHER FIGURES ON DISPLAY

Making yet another exhibition appearance was the Gigantic Series Mechagodzilla 1974. This figure has an expected release date of May 2020 so preorders will be starting any time now. It will cost you about $500. Stay tuned for more refined details as they come in.

Also on display was the unpainted prototype of the Large Monster Series Iris (from Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris). We’re still waiting on more details for this as well.