Diamond Distributors, the company which is providing re-issues of X-Plus Godzilla vinyl figures to North America has provided some news today to help keep collectors up-to-date.

• There are still some Godzilla 1954 and Mechagodzilla 1974 figures left in stock.

• Christmas: If you go to your local comic shop today and enquire about a direct ship from Diamond, you should have your figures in time for Christmas.

• Leaning Mechagodzillas: Some collectors have received warped Mechagodzilla 1974 figures but Diamond says that they haven’t received any complaints. It seems this was a very limited problem. But Diamond says that if you did receive a warped MG you should be able to get a replacement. (Though I think it’s very easy to fix it on your own.)

• Wave 2 figures: GMK Godzilla and the Sanda/Gaira Gargantua set will arrive at Diamond’s warehouse next week and should be delivered to your retailer by January 1, 2014.

• GMK Godzilla seems to be sold out. And very few Gargantua sets remain. If you didn’t preorder these and still want them, try NOW!

• We’ve seen three waves of figures come from Diamond so far. And it’s confirmed that there will be four more throughout 2014. That’s potentially eight or more figures on the way!

• Wave 4: The next set of X-Plus figures will be announced in a couple of weeks pending approval from Toho!

Stay tuned for more X-Plus News and Reviews!