X-Plus November Releases.

Yesterday AmiAmi.com spilled the beans on the new X-Plus 30cm Series Godzilla 1999 (2000) and Gamera 1999. Today, the X-Plus Ric Boy site filled us in on the rest of November’s offerings. Preorders will end October 24, 2013.

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Note: Some of these production photos feature unpainted prototypes. Final figures will be fully painted.

Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 1999

News: X-Plus Godzilla 1999 3/4 view.

A lot of collectors have been waiting for this one! Godzilla 1999 (or Godzilla 2000 here in the west) will be shipping late November / early December. And what a beaut!

News: X-Plus Godzilla 1999 side view.

As for height, The X-Plus site says it’s “nearly 30cm”. AmiAmi.com comes out and says it’s only 28cm. That would make this figure a shortie just like the Godzilla 1984 and Godzilla 2004 released earlier this year. Well doesn’t that just suck? Hopefully this amazing sculpt will make up for the lack of height. A Ric Boy version with light-up fins will also be available.

News: X-Plus Godzilla 1999 headshot.

Look at that! Holy shit I can’t wait to get my hands on this thing.

Click here for the Godzilla 1999 page on the X-Plus site.
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Daiei 30cm Series Gamera 1999

X-Plus Gamera 1999 Forward View.

Next up is Gamera 1999. If you already have the 1995 and 1996 versions, you’ll be glad to know you’ll soon be able to have a complete trio of turtles. An exlusive Ric Boy version comes with shell damage on the front and back and a bloddy stump of a right arm, no doubt imposed by Iris.

X-Plus Gamera 1999 Back View.

Click here for the Gamera 1999 page on the X-Plus site.
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Toho 30cm Series Hedorah (Final Stage) Ric Boy Exclusive Re-Issue

X-Plus 30cm Series Hedorah Smog Monster Reissue.

Well this was a nice surprise! Originally released in 2011, this Hedorah (aka Smog Monster) vinyl figure is FOURTEEN INCHES OF AWESOME and will be once again available for those who missed out the first time it was released. This is a really big chunk of vinyl and was the tallest X-Plus figure before the recently released Viras. And get this: this time around the eyes will light up. Personally, I’ve been waiting for this. Of all the light gimmicks that have come out recently, I always thought a Hedorah with glowing eyes would be awesome. (Note: the mini flying Hedorah and damaged eye patch from the original Ric Boy version will not be included this time around.)

I can’t be sure, but it would seem this reissue will be a Ric Boy Exclusive only. I don’t think you’ll find a standard version available this time around. Let’s just hope that Diamond Distributors puts out a version licensed for North America sometime in the next year or two.

Click here for the Hedorah Reissue page on the X-Plus site.

Large Monster Series Ultraman (A-Type Standing Pose)

Ultraman! Here he comes from the sky! ….again.

X-Plus Ultraman A-Type standing figure.

X-Plus is putting out yet another version of the original Ultraman. This one features the very first suit (there were three) used in the original series. The crinkled face from the A-Type has a 1966 charm about it and is a must for Ultraman fanboys.

X-Plus Ultraman A-Type Standing exclusive pose.

A Ric Boy Exlusive version will come with a second set of arms for a superhero hands on hips pose just like last month’s Ultraseven figure. The Ric Boy will also come with a light gimmick with illuminated eyes and two modes for the color timer: steady blue and blinking red. It’s really not hard to decide which one to get!

Click here for the Ultraman A-Type Standing page on the X-Plus site.
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Real Master Collection Ultraman Ace Resin Figure

X-Plus Ultraman Ace Resin Figure.

Previously released in vinyl, this Ultraman Ace figure gets the polyresin treatment. These resin figures tend to be a tad fragile. It comes with a base and nameplate.

Click here for the Ultraman Ace page on the X-Plus site.

Real Master Collection Red Man Resin Figure

X-Plus Red Man resin figure.

I won’t lie. I have no idea who this guy is. But if you do, and you like him, you’ll be pleased to know X-Plus is putting out his likeness again in resin. This figure also comes with a base and nameplate. It also comes with “right wrist of the fist” according to Google Translate. I assume that means it has an alternate hand.

Click here for the Red Man page on the X-Plus site.

Once again, preorders for all of these X-Plus goodies ends October 24, 2013.

If you want to go after Hedorah or any of the available Ric Boy versions, you’ll have to do so from the Ric Boy site which can get pretty complicated. If you can’t manage that, join the X-Plus Kaiju Collectors Facebook Group and ask for Mike Johnson. He’s got connections and I get all of my own Ric Boys from him.