X-Plus at Wonder Fest Winter 2014.

X-Plus just tweeted a photo of their table at Wonder Festival (Winter) 2014 in Japan. They’re showing off a lot of their more recent Ultraman releases plus four Destroy All Monsters kaiju from their Toho 30cm Series. In the middle is the Wonder Festival Special Limited Edition Baragon 1968 which they are selling at the show. They also intend to sell some online after the show.

When? I’m not sure. But I have my finger on the trigger at the X-Plus Web Store. As soon as Baragon appears on their site, I will buy one and post a review.

Also on display are the 1968 Anguirus, Godzilla and Gorosaurus. Most likely there are displayed only to frame the Baragon Re-issue. (However, Godzilla and Gorosaurus will likely be re-issued at some point for North American release via Diamond Comics Distributors.