Collection of X-Plus figures from Destroy All Monsters.


Woah, if this doesn’t get you excited for the upcoming King Ghidorah figure, I don’t know what will.

X-Plus King Ghidorah and Godzilla 1968.

X-Plus posted a second photo to whet our appetites even more. Wow! Hurry, December! We need King Ghidorah now!

Fire Dragon extra which comes with the X-Plus King Ghidorah Ric Boy version.

Also posted was a photo of the Fire Dragon which comes with the King Ghidorah Ric Boy version. (It also comes with a standard Kilaak Saucer.)


Soft vinyl proof of the upcoming King Ghidorah figure.

Just posted on the Ric Boy Twitter feed, a new photo of an unpainted, soft vinyl “proof” from the factory. They seem pleased with it.

And there are new details to be gleaned from this shot. The vinyl, unexpectedly, reaches out away from the body ready to help hug the wings when they’re inserted. I think this is great; not so much for the extra support but for the consistency in material and texture reaching over the wings. Supposedly the inside of the body will still be reinforced with “extra material” to really grab the wings when assembled.

Also interesting are the heads. X-Plus had told me in an email that the heads would be injection molded, meaning hard plastic. It’s now obvious that what they meant was that the heads would contain injection molded parts (the horns and perhaps the tongues).

Lookin’ good, X-Plus!!

Shot of the light-up fins on the Ric Boy version of the Yuji Sakai Godzilla 1989 Ric Boy version.

X-Plus proudly proclaimed that the Sakai ’89 Ric Boy will come with more LED lights than usual, now filling all three rows of dorsal fins.


Finally, a nice, little, new feature: the Sakai ’89 Ric will come with a “lid” which you can use to plug into the power jack to hide the hole when not connected to the battery box for the light-up fins.

Yuji Sakai Godzilla 1989 Ric Boy versions should be shipping at the beginning of November.