Today the X-Plus Ric Boy site released details on the first three October releases. They include a re-issue of the 30cm Series Godzilla 1962 (“King Kong vs. Godzilla“). This figure has light-up fins. I’m not sure if there will be a standard release without the light gimmick, but if they do the same thing they did with the Godzilla 1964 re-issue, there won’t be one. Either way, the original release of this vinyl is beyond awesome and it’s a great chance to grab him if you missed him the first time around.

Also announced is a new version of the Large Monster Series Daimajin vinyl. Interesting, this is the third time they’ve released a new version of a previously released figure (not including the Ultraman figures).

Ultraman Gaia will be making his X-Plus debut. They seem to be releasing the Ultra New Generation figures in order of appearance. This figure follows Tiga and Dyna.

And, of course, Space Godzilla which was originally a September release joins the pack.

There are still some slots to fill for October. Just guessing but you can probably bet that Gamera foe Jiger will likely be announced. They been releasing the Showa Gamera kaiju in order of appearance. We’ll also likely see an Ultra kaiju or two.

Kanegon (Ultra Q), Ultra Seven (Standing Pose) and Ultra Seven kaiju Pega were added to the October line-up.

It would seem Gamera foe Jiger will have to wait for now.