Not X-Plus, But… Quick Review: Rodan 1993 Figural Bank by Diamond Select Toys

The Rodan 1993 Figural Vinyl Bank by Diamond Select Toys.

I don’t usually review the cheap stuff, but the recently released Rodan 1993 Figural Vinyl Bank by Diamond Select Toys keeps catching my eye. I got the urge to talk about it so here I am with my third “Not X-Plus, But…” figure review.

Standing a little over 9 inches (22cm) tall, Diamond’s Rodan bank has a wingspan of about 15 inches (38cm). It’s very sturdy and is very stable standing on its own.

Sculpt-wise, it totally captures the essence of the Heisei Rodan from 1993’s Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, though. The torso seems a bit wide. Because of that, and it’s lack of good detail, I’d have to say it may be considered slightly stylized.

Being an X-Plus collector and a realism buff, I originally dismissed this “bank” when I first saw it. But, seeing as how Rodan 1993 is totally unrepresented in my collection, I got one. What the hell? It’s only SRP $29.99.

Close-up of the head sculpt.

It was when I walked passed it a few times today that it started to catch my eye. Rodan 1993! I got a little tinge of excitement even though this figure is pretty crude when compared to the X-Plus quality which I’ve become accustomed to. But, I love seeing that Heisei Rodan head when I walk by it! But, that gappy seam at the base of the neck bugs me.

Back view.

And then I remember, this is a bank. You can insert coins into a slot on the figure’s back and retrieve them by removing the head.

Why the hell anyone would want to save a fist full of coins in a Rodan figure is beyond me. I can’t help thinking that turning a figure into a “bank” somehow puts it into it’s own licensing category or something, and thus the only way Diamond could make these.

Coins can be retrieved by removing the head.

The head is on fairly snug but will give way with a slight back and forth tug. Note: when you receive your Diamond Select Rodan Bank, the gap under the head may be much more pronounced than you see in this mini review. That’s just because the factory didn’t insert them on all the way. You can easily tweak it on tighter after you de-bag and de-tag it.

But, be careful when you do! Rodan’s beak and head “spikes” are fairly sturdy, strong and sharp. Keep this in mind if you plan on giving it to your kid as a “Don’t Touch Daddy’s X-Plus, Touch This Instead” figure.

Size comparison with the X-Plus Large Monster Series Rodan 1956.

The Diamond Select Rodan 1993 Vinyl Bank is around about the same size as the two Showa Large Monster Series Rodan figures by X-Plus. Here you see it with the Large Monster Series Rodan 1956. If you don’t mind mixed quality on your shelves and scale is not an issue for you, then this bank would look good in your 25cm series collection.

Size comparison with the X-Plus Godzilla 1992.

Serendipitously, this bank is almost in scale with the X-Plus 30cm Series. Seen here with the X-Plus 30cm Series Godzilla 1992 (closest relative available from X-Plus), Rodan is a bit taller than he need be to be in scale with Godzilla. Remember, Rodan was a little guy in 1993.

So, again, if you don’t mind mixed quality on your shelves, this bank is an “okay” fit with your X-Plus 30’s. And, don’t forget: as mentioned in my Gee Okamoto Interview, X-Plus plans to begin work on a Mechagodzilla 1993 figure next year!

This thing makes me HUNGRY for an X-Plus version. For now, this will have to do.

Diamond Select Rodan Bank with N-Scale buildings.

The Rodan 1993 Figural Vinyl Bank may be subpar for X-Plus and resin kit purists, but if your collection is a bit more eccentric, this thing is pretty damn nice. Especially for the low SRP of $29.99.

Please note that this bank is seen here in somewhat dramatic lighting and won’t look as good out of the bag… unless you apply your own dramatic lighting.

Just released, you can grab this thing practically everywhere. You’d do best to find one at a local comic store so you don’t have to worry about dishing out an extra $10 or so for shipping. Flossie’s Gifts & Collectibles has them ready to ship for $25.99. Vampire Robots has them for $25. Amazon has them for $31.

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