Homemade plexiglass stands help keep this X-Plus Rodan 1956 in an upright position.

The X-Plus 25cm Rodan 1956 has a habit of falling down. It was designed so that the tips of its wings would hold it up. But for some collectors, gravity and heat soon turn those soft vinyl wing tips into noodles. That’s when Rodan takes a nosedive. Here’s one collector’s unique, homemade solution.

A member from Toho Kingdom Forums, who wishes to remain anonymous, was faced with the problem of his X-Plus Rodan ’56 loosing its ability to stand on its own. Here, in his own words, is his solution:

“Basically what I did was I just cut slots into 2 pieces from an old storm door window. I cut the slots [with a scroll saw] so that they were just deep enough so the wings rest inside while the figure is standing. It’s been working out perfectly. They look much crummier than they are with the stands laying on this white surface (being able to see scratches and stuff in the glass instead of just looking clear), but this should give you an idea of the size.”


“I made some guides for the stands out of cardboard first and once they seemed to be right I just traced it onto the plexiglass. If you’re going to do similar, use thick enough plexiglass that it won’t chip and break when you try to saw it. Sand it down real smooth on all the cuts so it’s not a rough edge rubbing against the figure, even though it shouldn’t anyway.

“Since I got Rodan 1964 I’ve had to do the same for him, but his balance is better than 1956. Great figures and I love them, but that’s one of the annoying things about soft vinyl.

“If you aren’t worried about the stands being clear, you could buy a piece of foam poster board and cut that with a razor blade no problem. It’s about the same width and pretty durable. I always buy this stuff at Walmart for arts and crafts.”

Great idea! As for myself… right now I’m using a rock. 😛