Diamond Previews May X-Plus Spread.

Getting X-Plus Godzilla Figures from your local comic store

You can visit your local comic shop and ask if they are willing to special order either or all of the upcoming X-Plus (Wave 5) Figures from Diamond. By doing this you not only help support your local shop, you may also help to promote the X-Plus Diamond Reissues. And what’s good for X-Plus and Diamond is good for us!

Plus, you’ll save money on having the item shipped to you since you’ll be picking it up at the store yourself. (Just keep in mind when he gives you a price that the shop owner has to pay for having the figure(s) shipped to him.)

X-Plus Wave 5 Vinyl Figures

The wave 5 figures are Godzilla 1962 from King Kong vs. Godzilla, Godzilla 1968 from Destroy All Monsters and Hedorah from Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster.

X-Plus Diamond Re-Issues Godzilla 1968, 1962 and Hedorah.

If you do go to your local comic shop and find that the owner is not familiar with X-Plus vinyl figures, tell them they come from Diamond Distributors. You can also point them out to him from the May 2014 issue of Previews Magazine. He should have this on hand. The figures in this month’s issue are located on pages 550 and 551.

The shop owner can also search for these figures for you on the Diamond Retailer Website. You could help him make the search go faster by providing the stock numbers. They are:

STK643274 – Godzilla 1962

STK643276 – Godzilla 1968

STK643275 – Hedorah

At this time they are expected to be released in late October. But the Preorder window is open RIGHT NOW. Missing out on a Preorder means potentially missing your chance altogether. And you are not the only one who needs move quickly. Shops are required to make their orders to Diamond Distributors BEFORE MAY 29th. There “probably” needn’t be any concern that the shop will forget to order them on time, since all merchandise from Diamond has the same deadline.

Keep in mind that many online shops continue to take preorders for these figures well after the deadline. Some of them may simply be betting that extras will be available. So whether you make your purchase from a shop in person or online, see if you can make sure your seller is getting their order in to Diamond on time.


Collecting X-Plus Godzilla Vinyl Re-Issues via Diamond Distributors in North America.
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