Godzilla 12in Series Godzilla 1999 2K Millenium Version 2 vinyl figure by X-Plus.

After its second showing at NYCC this week (the first showing being at SDCC earlier), this guy shows up for pre-order in North America.

Meet the Godzilla 12in Series Godzilla 1999 2K Millennium Version 2 vinyl figure by X-Plus.

The “Godzilla 12in Series” is the name for the North American releases which are distributed from Diamond. If this had come out in Japan first (and it still might??), it would have been called the “Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 1999 etc.”

This figure originally came from a previously released kit. Many collectors say that it’s from the KOC soft vinyl kit which was released in 1999. But it looks like it may also be based on the resin kit by M-Arts which came out in 2007.

Firstly, you’ll note that this thing looks fucking suh’weet in this photo. It’s not quite as accurate as X-Plus’ first release, but the dynamic pose is a welcome change to the vinyl status quo. But this photo doesn’t tell the whole story.

Diamond lists no height for it yet. But, it’s obviously short as you can see from this photo from NYCC.

X-Plus Godzilla vinyls on display at Diamond Distributors' booth at NYCC 2016.

It’s on the far left. I’d be surprised if it even reaches 10 inches tall. It dips well below the Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 1984 which, as you know, is already short for the series. In the figure’s favor is the fact that it’s crouching forward somewhat drastically.

The figure also seems to have a wicked lean to it. One more pronounced than the one on the 30cm Series Varan. Look at it from any other angle than the one posted on the top of this post and you’ll see it. It leans forward and to its right side.

Will this soft vinyl figure be falling off your shelf in the summer? Will X-Plus weigh it down with some resin or foam?

Godzilla 12in Series Godzilla 2000: Millennium vinyl figure on display at SDCC.

I think the next thing which should be discussed here is the fact that X-Plus has never released this in Japan. Does this mean that North America is getting it first? That would be most unexpected and… just bizarre. (But, I wouldn’t complain.)

This isn’t the only one either. Bluefin has been showing off the Yuji Sakai’s Work Masterpiece Art Collection No.1 figure, a 25cm Godzilla 1954 “train biter” sculpted to look like a publicity still which had been so touched up with hand-painted tweaks on the photo that the suit’s face changed. It’s also never had a release in Japan from X-Plus.

So what’s IS going on? Is it possible that X-Plus will in fact put both of these up for preorder in Japan before they get around to making the North American batch? Should you be wary ordering these two from Diamond and Bluefin since they may be available sooner from Hobby Search and AmiAmi?

Or, is it possible that X-Plus’ Japanese and North American releases are about to sync up and get released at the same time?

I just don’t know. And X-Plus won’t talk. They say that since these are being offered by Diamond and Bluefin, that it’s up to those two companies to discuss them. Sigh.

Well… I’m just not feelin’ this one. But, don’t let me ruin it for you. There are plenty of collectors who dig it.

I’d like to show more photos of this figure on display now at NYCC. I’m just waiting for permission from the photographers.

The suggested retail price is $160. Expected release: July 2017.

If you are ready to pre-order now, I’ve made this figure available at Flossie’s Gifts & Collectibles. It’s only $139 plus shipping.

Vampire Robots also has preorders open for $160 shipped.

More stores are sure to follow soon as soon as they catch on.