Large Monster Series Jet Jaguar.

Large Monster Series Jet Jaguar Re-issue Ric Boy Exclusive
東宝大怪獣シリーズ ジェットジャガー (発光Ver.) 少年リック限定商品

Ready for a big scoop of Hallelujah dipped in awesome sauce?

X-Plus just announced a re-issue of the elusive and much sought-after Jet Jaguar!

Jet was originally released in late 2010. It was re-issued as part of a super-limited set with Godzilla 1973 for Winter Wonder Festival in 2012. This makes this new release his THIRD appearance. Who could see that coming? Don’t you just love surprises?

It looks like this 23cm vinyl figure will be released as a Ric Boy only. Other recent Large Monster Series re-issues got the same treatment. If you want this one, you’re going to have to get it from X-Plus’ Ric Boy site, or call on Mike Johnson or Jamie Davies for some assist.

Jet Jaguar is going to not only grace us again with his presence, but will do so with light gimmick eyes. I expect the power source will be built into the base and insert into the bottom of one foot just like all of the Large Monster Series Ultraman figures.

Also new to this release: JJ will come with one closed fist and one open hand so he’ll be ready to Punch! Punch! …Slap!

The X-Plus Large Monster Series Jet Jaguar will run you ¥12,960 ($119 USD).

$120 bucks for Jet? Someone pinch me!

Pre-orders end May 24. The figure is expected to ship late June/early July.

So… First a Megalon re-issue and then this. Could Godzilla 1973 be next?

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Large Monster Series Pacific Rim Leatherback
大怪獣シリーズ パシフィック・リム レザーバック

Large Monster Series Pacific Rim Leatherback vinyl figure.

X-Plus also announced open pre-orders for their first figure based on Pacific Rim: Leatherback. And their excitement shows.

KAIJU襲来!!! 大怪獣シリーズ「パシフィック・リム」始動!!
( KAIJU invasion! Large Monsters Series “Pacific Rim” start-up! )

This hefty monster has a great sculpt in a static, yet somehow dynamic pose. You can literally feel Leatherback’s power.

X-Plus states that this figure is about 25cm tall just like most of the Large Monster Series line. But don’t be fooled. This figure is big for the line, just as X-Plus General Manager Gee Okamoto told us during our interview last year. The thing about this figure is that it’s leaning forward. If it were to stand up straight, it would tower over the rest of the 25cm figures on your shelf.

It’s also bigger because it has a lot more “mass” than a typical Large Monster Series figure. This thing is using a lot of vinyl.

It’s clear X-Plus would like to make more kaiju figures from Pacific Rim. Let’s hope this figure gets a warm reception so that can happen.

But, why start with Leatherback? Sure, he’s one of the “Big 4”, but I’d say he’s at least 3rd or 4th most popular. My guess is he was the easiest to make.

An X-Plus Knifehead figure is also being prepared, but he’s got those small legs. X-Plus probably needs time to make sure the figure will stand properly. As for the rest: Otachi would have a more complicated sculpt and Slattern would be just plain huge.

Perhaps a successful Leatherback run will prompt X-Plus into taking the extra steps needed for the rest.

But, alas, in the short time since it was announced, it seems that more U.S. collectors plan on passing rather than dishing out $165 on a monster not yet dear to their hearts.

Me? Hell, yeah, I’m getting it.

This magical decade of kaiju revival we’re living in right now is bringing a lot of new interest in giant monsters, and there is plenty more to come. Pacific Rim 2 is back on the table. Jurassic World writer, Derek Connolly, has just signed on to pen the sequel so there’s more PR to come. We may all become greater PR fans, and you might regret not grabbing Leatherback now while you can.

The Large Monster Series Leatherback Ric Boy version will cost ¥17,999 ($165 USD).

But if $165 is just too much to ask for a kaiju you literally just met not that long ago, a Standard version will have a more lenient price tag.

So far, it appears that a Standard Version will be available which will lack the open-mouth roaring head which is said to be the Ric exclusive feature. Does that mean the Ric will come with two heads? I have no idea. We’ll have to wait and see.

Pre-orders for the Ric version end May 24.
Leatherback is expected late June / early July.

Need to get psyched for this?

Gigantic Series Daizyujin (Zyuranger)
ギガンティックシリーズ 恐竜戦隊ジュウレンジャー 「大獣神」

X-Plus Gigantic Series Super Sentai.

Hey, Power Rangers. There’s a Gigantic Series Super Sentai Robo Line on the way. Not my thing, so I’ll forward you to August Ragone‘s news post. [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]