X-Plus 30cm Series Favorite Sculptors Line Godzilla 1962.

Preorders for the Favorite Sculptors Line 30cm Series Godzilla 1962 FAVORITE SCULPTORS LINE 東宝30㎝シリーズ ゴジラ(1962)vinyl figure by X-Plus opened on May 18, 2018.

As with all figures in the Favorite Sculptors Line, this vinyl is based on the sculpt of a previously released resin kit. It will be approximately 28cm tall (11 inches). It’s sculpted with its tail in the air and so will come with a tail base to support it.

It is available to order now in two flavors: RIC and Standard.

The RIC exclusive version will come with a light gimmick inserted into the dorsal spines along with a King Kong vs. Godzilla name plaque.

If you know how, you can order it directly from X-Plus’ online RIC store for ¥21,600 (about $197 USD).

For those not impressed with the lights or plaque, a less expensive standard version is available at:

The preorder deadline for the RIC version is June 5, 2018. Other store deadlines for the standard will vary. Both versions are expected to ship in July 2018.


• Being only 11 inches tall, this figure will appear a little short when compared to the rest of your 30cm Series figures. It will, though, look right at home on display with any of your 28cm figures including all of the Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection and the taller Large Monster Series figures including all four of the Favorite Sculptors Line GMK figures, Godzilla 1995, Destoroyah and Shin Godzilla 4th Form.

• Aargh! This figure has its tail in the air and requires the included tail base in order to stand properly. (Just what exactly is their fascination with having tails up in the air?) Not a deal breaker for me, though. I’m totally wooed into submission by this awesome sculpt!

• What color are the fins? White? Blue? Sorry, I just don’t know.