X-Plus April Announcements: Rodan 1956, Mothra 1964 and Frankenstein.

X-Plus just hit us with THREE knock-out announcements featuring two reissues and the all-new Frankenstein. Preorders are open for all three and they are all set to be released this June. Let’s run through all of the details in movie order.

Toho Large Monster Series Rodan 1956 – Ricboy Limited Reissue
東宝大怪獣シリーズ ラドン(1956年版) ショウネンリック限定再販

X-Plus Large Monster Series Rodan 1956 vinyl figure - Angled view.

The “25cm Series” Rodan 1956 was first released in Japan by X-Plus in late 2012. It is a faithful reproduction of the title kaiju from his debut appearance in the 1956 film Rodan, known in Japan as Radon, Giant Monster of the Sky (空の大怪獣 ラドン).

X-Plus surprised everyone by announcing a RIC Exclusive limited reissue today.

The figure is about 9.84 inches (25cm) high and has a wingspan of about 17.3 inches (44cm).

X-Plus Large Monster Series Rodan 1956 vinyl figure RIC Exclusive with Mini Flying Rodan.

A bonus figure is included. A new, mini “palm-sized” sculpt of a flying Rodan.

Preorders are now open but will close at 5pm (Japan time) on May 14, 2018. It is expected to be released in June, 2018.

This bird will cost you ¥14,580 (about $134 USD).

Toho Large Monster Series Mothra (1964) DX Set – Ricboy Limited Reissue
東宝大怪獣シリーズ モスラ(1964) DXセット ショウネンリック限定商品

X-Plus Large Monster Series Mothra Imago 1964 DX vinyl figure set.

Up next is a reissue of the Large Monster Series Mothra Imago 1964 (first released in Japan in early 2015), but with some changes.

In this version, Mothra does not come with the new, sculpted base with egg which the original 1964 release had. Instead, you’ll get what appears to be the same base that came with the Large Monster Series Mothra Imago 1961. Gone is the sand and grassy rocks for the dark brown rocks from 1961. One thing you may appreciate about getting this older sculpt for the base is that it comes with a stone tablet (not a separate piece) engraved with the Mothra symbol on the front.

You’ll also get the light gimmick to make the big, blue bug eyes shine! However, if it’s installed the way it’s been in the past, it will be a pain in the ass to use. The abdomen would have to be heated and then removed to reach the light switch. I’d like to mention, though, that X-Plus made a point to list “power unit” in the list of included items. Maybe, they’ve listened to our ire and changed the way this one works. At this point, though, I really don’t know.

Also included are two Mothra larvae. It makes sense now why there is no egg in this version. You can’t have both!

X-Plus Large Monster Series Mothra Imago 1964 DX vinyl figure - Rear Angle.

This amazing vinyl sports sturdy ABS wings which will NOT droop when it gets warm.

Mothra, on its base, will be about 15 inches (38cm) tall and have a wingspan of about 25.5 inches (65cm). Yup, you read that right. It’s over 2 feet!

Preorders opened April 27 and will close at 5pm (Japan time) on May 15, 2018.

The Mothra DX will cost ¥24,840 (about $228 USD).

It’s expected to ship in June 2018.

Toho Large Monster Series Frankenstein
東宝大怪獣シリーズ フランケンシュタイン

X-Plus Large Monster Series Frankenstein vinyl figure - front right angle.

Finally, the really big news: the Large Monster Series (25cm Series) Frankenstein based on 1965’s Frankenstein Conquers The World, is finally up for preorder as both a Standard Version and a RIC Boy Exclusive version.

The X-Plus Frankenstein vinyl will stand approximately 9 inches (23cm) tall and comes sculpted in a basic facing forward, arms-at-sides museum pose. (I’ve heard a lot of grumbling from collectors about the lack of action in this stance. I don’t know, I kind of like it.)

This figure will come with a moving eye gimmick similar to the PERS Eye System found on some Hot Toys figures. You will be able to remove the back of the head to get access to two controls to aim the eyes left, right or forward. This feature first appeared on the 30cm Series Daimajin and will also be included in the Large Monster Series Sanda and Gaira figures due out next month. I have to say, I don’t feel very comfortable messing with the eyes on my Daimajin. The controls often stick and wind up bending inside the head instead of moving the eyes, so be careful using this feature when you get it.

The standard version will be available at the usual Japanese online stores, but as of this writing, they haven’t been posted yet but will be any day now. Keep checking back for new information.

X-Plus Large Monster Series Frankenstein vinyl figure RIC Version holding man.

The RIC Exclusive version is over the top with extras. With it, you’ll get a set of alternate arms which bend forward to hold a mini figure of Dr. Kawachi, reproducing a scene from the movie.

X-Plus Large Monster Series Baragon (1965 Crawling Version) vinyl figure.

Finally — and this is the big one — you’ll get a reissue of the Large Monster Series Baragon (1965) Crawling Version which was released way, way back in 2011 and, I believe, never released again until now. That’s insane! A separate Baragon release would have made a killing all on its own as it’s one of the rarest X-Plus vinyls out there.

To be clear: this Baragon is not a mini. It’s a full-sized Large Monster Series vinyl.

Finally, a grassy base is provided which comes with a clear, plastic hinged arm which grasps the figure around the waist to ensure there won’t be any toppling over. As of this writing, it is not clear if this base is exclusive to the RIC or comes with the standard version as well. Keep checking back for more info on this.

This RIC Exclusive version is a hell of a release!

Preorders for the RIC Version opened on April 27 and will close at 5pm (Japan time) on May 14, 2018. It will run you ¥30,240 ($277 USD). Not bad for a new, long-yearned for figure and a reissue of a super rare figure in one go.