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Star Ace 32cm Kong Skull Island Kong Standard Version vinyl figure.

Today, via Facebook PM, Jacob M. asked:

Question: Is there a time limit to order the Star Ace Kong Skull Island Vinyl Statue?

Answer: Yes. The deadline for U.S. stores to get their orders in to Diamond Distributors is this Monday (April 16, 2018).

The deadline for stores in Asia (and elsewhere) is April 30, 2018.

However, the deadline each store has for its customers will vary depending on how many extras each store orders from the distributor.

By “extras”, I mean the number of Kong figures each store orders that do not correlate with orders they have received from their own customers.

For example, one store may have accepted 50 orders from their customers. That store may choose to order more than that from the distributor. And that store will continue to accept preorders from customers until the number of preorders they receive equals the number of extras.

Basically, each store will have their own deadline.

Some may stop taking orders on Monday while others may continue to take orders for another month, or two … or even three.