Endangered Species: Recent X-Plus Diamond Reissue Sell-outs

X-Plus figures sold out at Diamond as of April 2018.

One thing X-Plus Godzilla vinyls are known for is selling out, becoming rare and then fetching ridiculous prices in the aftermarket. As you know, these vinyls are all limited edition. Yeah, they sometimes get reissued, but then the cycle starts all over again.

Several X-Plus North American Reissues have sold out at the Diamond warehouse. That means you won’t be able to order these from comic stores any more.

The only stock left on these figures is what is currently in stores right now. It’s time to grab them now while you can. Here’s our rundown of the Diamond Reissues headed for extinction…

Godzilla Kaiju 12in Series Titanosaurus Previews Exclusive

X-Plus 30cm Series Titanosaurus.

This is the Diamond Reissue of the Toho 30cm Series Titanosaurus which was first released in Japan in 2012. X-Plus reissued it for the North American market in the spring of 2016. Two years later, it’s now scarce again. Grab one from an online store as soon as you can.

Get the X-Plus 30cm Series Titanosaurus from us at Flossie’s

Godzilla Kaiju 12in Series Space Godzilla Previews Exclusive

X-Plus Space Godzilla Vinyl Figure Review by Kaiju Addicts.

The Toho 30cm Series Space Godzilla was first released in Japan in 2013. A North American Diamond Reissue was released in June 2016.

This is a MONSTER of a figure at 14 inches tall and a LOT of bulk. He’s sure to take charge of any shelf he’s placed on. And now, he too, has become scarce. It would be a shame to miss out especially now while X-Plus has made a point to get serious with the Heisei Series.

Time to get one while you can or miss out on this monster of a vinyl.

Kaiju Addicts X-Plus Space Godzilla Review
Get the X-Plus 30cm Series Space Godzilla at Flossie’s.

Godzilla 12in Series Godzilla 2004

X-Plus 30cm Series Godzilla 2004.

This Diamond Reissue of the Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 2004 is also endangered. Based on the suit from Godzilla: Final Wars, it was first released in 2013. X-Plus reissued it for the U.S. exactly one year ago in May 2017. It can be paired with the 12in Series Gigan 2004 and 12in Series MechaGigan Diamond Reissues, still readily available.

Grab this Goji 2004 before he gets put back on ice!

Kaiju Addicts X-Plus Godzilla 2004 Review
Grab a 30cm Series Final Wars Godzilla 2004 at Flossie’s.

12in Series Godzilla 2014 Previews Exclusive

X-Plus 30cm Series Godzilla 2014.

First released in Japan as the Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 in July 2015, it was reissued for the U.S. and Canada last summer in June of 2017.

Like Space Godzilla, this one has a lot of bulk and steals the show on the shelves.

The Roaring Version is still readily available. It sports translucent blue fins, a roaring head sculpt and a severed MUTO head extra. But, if you prefer those standard black fins like I do, best hunt down the regular version as quick as you can. When Godzilla: King of the Monsters comes out next year, there will be renewed interest and demand for this vinyl; even if Legendary winds up tweaking the design.

This figure comes in an unusually large box so be prepared for a slightly higher shipping bill.

Kaiju Addicts X-Plus Godzilla 2014 Review.
Score the X-Plus 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 from us at Flossie’s.

Even more figures headed for extinction

Two other figures had sold out from Diamond previously so I bring those up now as well.

12in Series Godzilla 1954 Train Biting Version Previews Exclusive

X-Plus 30cm Series Godzilla 1954 Train Biter.

This is the U.S. Diamond Reissue of the monochrome Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 1954 Train in Mouth (Train Biter) which first came out in Japan in March 2016. A colorized version came out in early 2017 and the North Americqn reissue came shortly after.

This stylized take on the original Godzilla is badass incarnate. Holy shit, this thing looks mean with a sort of GMK slant. At this time I’m not completely sure but I think this figure has the unique distinction of being the only one that comes with a prop.

This figure practically ran out right away at Diamond. Stores that still have stock are your only hope outside of Ebay and collector to collector sales.

Get a Train Biter at Flossie’s before they run out!

Godzilla Kaiju 12in Series Mechagodzilla 1975 Previews Exclusive

X-Plus 30cm Series Mechagodzilla 1975.

Diamond was wiped clean almost right away with this one, too. It’s a reissue of the Toho 30cm Series Mechagodzilla 1975 which X-Plus first released in August 2016. It’s a bit more desirable than the 1974 version because of its grungey appearance and the fact that it doesn’t need a base to stand. You can pair it up with the Titanosaurus mentioned at the top of this post and with the 30cm Series Godzilla 1975 released in Japan in September 2017 for a complete Terror of Mechagodzilla line-up.

X-Plus 30cm Series Mechagodzilla 1975 still available at Flossie’s.

And that is the rundown of X-Plus Diamond Reissues soon to disappear. Again, you won’t be able to order these from your local comic store anymore. BUT, they might have one or two already in stock. Now is the time to find out. If nothing turns up, hit the online stores now. Search for the best price and grab these before they disappear.


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