Sideshow Collectibles Teases New Godzilla 2014 Statue

Sideshow Collectibles Teases New Godzilla 2014 Statue

Sideshow Collectibles just posted a video tease of their upcoming high quality statue of the new Godzilla design.

I don’t think I like it.

I did at first. I watched the video in awe at all of the amazing detail in the sculpt and started to salivate imagining a huge, awesome Godzilla 2014 statue in my collection. That is, until they pulled back and showed the whole thing.

I mean, what the hell is up with the head turned back like that? I was hoping for something more standard and less comic bookish. All my dreams (well, one of them) are crushed now! heh. Seriously, this is Godzilla and this is important stuff!

I really believed this was going to be the ultimate Godzilla 2014 in my collection. But that whiplash head-turn has me very disappointed. And I wasn’t expecting that. I thought, how the hell could they mess this up? There’s no way they could find a way to position the Big G in a funky dance pose like they did with their Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger statue.

Anyway, sorry for my rant. I’m a collectible reviewer and I’m used to nitpicking. Watch the video and see/judge for yourself. Everything else about this statue (besides the head turn) looks freaking amazing. Perhaps I’ll change my mind after Sideshow releases more photos.

I have yet to see the movie (which I will do 2 hours from now). Who knows, perhaps I’ll find this pose is actually accurate after which I’ll take it all back.

If I don’t see this in the movie, then all my hopes will rest upon X-Plus for a more standard looking, high quality vinyl version.

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  1. ben May 16, 2014 at 7:39 pm

    I think I know why they made it like that but I’m not sure if it was the right thing to do or not. I’m betting that there aren’t too many people that have display areas deep enough to have godzilla’s back to the wall and the head towards the room in a regular pose. With the turned head, godzilla’s greatest length can be parallel to the greatest length of most shelves but still be interacting with the room rather than staring along the wall at who knows what. Makes sense to me. I’m actually hoping that his head isn’t as small as it looks in the sneak peek.

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