X-Plus 25cm Titanosaurus still available at Flossie's.

The recently released Toho Large Monster Series Titanosaurus vinyl figure by X-Plus (from 1975’s Terror of Mechagodzilla) has quickly SOLD OUT at the “big 3” Japanese stores.

Hobby Search, AmiAmi and Hobby Link Japan list this figure as unavailable. HOWEVER, sometimes it will come back in to stock in very limited numbers when cancellations occur.

What to do: Keep checking all three sites. Check several times a day. Sold out figures usually pop up suddenly and vanish just as quickly. Use the links below.

Hobby Search
Ami Ami
Hobby Link Japan

Or Get Titanosaurus NOW at Flossie’s

You can grab one right now from Flossie’s Gifts & Collectibles. It’s available right now for $159. There are less than 10 available (at the time of this writing).

Get the 25cm Titanosaurus Now at Flossie’s