The recently announced Star Ace Kong: Skull Island Fighting Version vinyl figure on display at G-Fest.

A New Kong: Skull Island Vinyl with more Dynamic Sculpt is on the way

Star Ace and X-Plus have been working on a Kong V2 for almost a year now and it’s finally been made public.

The unpainted prototype of the Star Ace Kong: Skull Island “Fighting Version” was first revealed at the Shanghai CCG Expo 2019 last week.

X-Plus ‘showrunner’, Gee Okamoto, flew to Chicago and today revealed the painted prototype at the Summit Kaiju panel at G-Fest.

This new fighting version features Kong in a more dynamic pose with his arms outstretched and a gaping mouth in full roar revealing exquisite detail on the teeth and fangs.

Also new is Kong’s stance. While the original’s feet stood side by side, the new version has one leg further back from the other. Here’s hoping this thing is well balanced.

A close-up of Kong's new roar.PHOTO: X-PLUS
A shot of the newly painted prototype at X-Plus headquarters.PHOTO: X-PLUS

The figure will be the same size as the original Star Ace Kong: Skull Island vinyl which was released last summer. And it will display perfectly alongside your X-Plus 30cm Series figures.

Both versions of the Star Ace Kong side by side at the shop where all the magic happens.

Star Ace, a subsidiary of X-Plus, will again be the one to put the figure out. But know that this is totally produced by Gee Okamoto and X-Plus.

It’s still very early to discuss this, but it’s probably safe to say that the price will be at least comparable to the Kong V1 release. Please realize, though, that the figure’s outstretched hands means that it will come in a larger box which could very well affect the cost.

Star Ace is still currently providing their releases to Diamond Comic Distributors for the North American market. If nothing changes by the time this fighting-pose Kong gets released, then you will be able to get one from your local comic shop as well as through the usual online shops like Kaiju Addicts / Flossie’s (

None of this confirmed yet so please stay tuned. Now that X-Plus has their own U.S. based web store it would be nice if collectors could order directly from there. I’ll work hard to get the facts as soon as I can.

No word yet on the possibility of a deluxe version.

Nothing is confirmed yet, but Star Ace and X-Plus hope to get the figure out by the end of the year.

Here are a few photos from X-Plus of the unpainted prototype. The light clay color makes it easier to see some of the detail which the painted version is hiding.

Front view of the Star Ace Kong V2 in the progress of being sculpted.PHOTO: X-PLUS
Front right view of the Star Ace Kong V2 in the progress of being sculpted.PHOTO: X-PLUS
High rear view of the Star Ace Kong V2 in the progress of being sculpted.PHOTO: X-PLUS
Close-up of the Star Ace Kong V2 in the progress of being sculpted.PHOTO: X-PLUS

The Star Ace Kong V2 prototype ready for paint.

Star Ace / X-Plus Kong: Skull Island Vinyl Statue Review.

If you’re new around here and missed the news, here is some information on the original release. The first Star Ace Kong: Skull Island vinyl figure was released last summer and features a badass pose taken straight from the Apocalypse Now-esque shot from Kong: Skull Island where he first faces off a swarm of army choppers.

A Deluxe Version came with a closed left hand which held onto a downed chopper from another scene. It also included a base with Skull Island motif.

The original has long SOLD OUT at Star Ace. But some stock still remains at scattered online stores and shops. If you prefer the original ‘pissed off’ Kong, or if you are an X-Plus / Legendary completist, you should grab one while you can.

We have have only a couple left of the Standard Version. And stock is getting very low for the Deluxe Version.


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