Star Ace Kong 2.0 Standard Version vinyl figure.

Star Ace’s second Kong figure finally is finally up for preorder!

The Star Ace Kong Skull Island Kong 2.0 Soft Vinyl Statue is another super-movie-accurate sculpt of the title character from Legendary’s Kong: Skull Island (2017). It’s made by Star Ace (a subsidiary of X-Plus) and is produced by X-Plus.

So, again, despite the name on the box: this is basically an X-Plus figure.

Standing at around 12 inches, it features a dynamic pose with arms spread and his head back in mid roar. And, like the first release, it comes in two versions.

The Kong 2.0 (NX) gives you just what you need: a standalone figure so badass, it needs no bells or whistles to wow you any more than you already are. The SRP is $153.99.

The Deluxe — or DX — comes with more. A diorama base will raise your Kong another 3.7 inches up. Its diameter is a whopping 7.8 inches. It features a rusted ship and the Kong Skull Island logo.

Close-up of the base from the Star Ace Kong 2.0 Deluxe Version.

You’ll also get a replica of the boat propeller which Kong used to dice a Skullcrawler with in the movie. The propeller comes with a metal chain which you can wrap around his arm (also like the movie). It’s not confirmed if the propeller is optional and can be added/removed but it probably is. The SRP is $193.99.

Star Ace Kong Skull Island Kong 2.0 vinyl figure.

So far, you can preorder one of these brutes from the Star Ace Online Store, and at Hobby Search.

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Kong Standard Version – $149.99
Kong Deluxe Verison – $184.99

The Star Ace Kong 2.0 is expected to be released in Japan in December 2019. U.S. stores will release them in January/February 2020.