X-Plus and Star Ace had a booth this weekend at New York Comic Con and revealed a few new surprises!

Star Ace Kong Skull Island Skull Crawler.

On display for the first time is a new Skull Crawler coming from Star Ace. There was no sign accompanying the figure so let’s just call it the Star Ace Kong Skull Island Skull Crawler for now.

Like the previously released Kong Skull Island Kong Vinyl Figure, it will be produced by X-Plus and released by Star Ace (a subsidiary of X-Plus).

This Skull Crawler is posed on its back and looks to require a base to support its back and left arm. This seems to be an odd pose except for the fact that its tail is designed to wrap around the newly announced roaring Kong 2.0 standard version vinyl figure due out at the end of this year. Both figures combined make for one hell of a display!

Star Ace Skull Crawler with Kong 2.0 vinyl.

Now, what to do if you already have Kong 1.0 on your shelf? This new Skull Crawler doesn’t appear to be designed to look good displayed all on its own. It would be cool if X-Plus had some sort of stand, similar to the one used for the X-Plus 30cm Series Fire Rodan, which would hold the Skull Crawler upright in the air. But there is no evidence of this option yet.

It’s also not clear if the Skull Crawler will be a separate release which you can combine with a Kong 2.0, or if it will come as a set with Kong. I imagine the latter would annoy quite a few collectors who have already preordered the Kong 2.0 separately.

There is no release date set yet. Keep visiting Kaiju Addicts for updates.

X-Plus 30cm Series One Million Years B.C. Allosaurus vinyl figure.

Earlier this year, X-Plus announced the 30cm Series Allosaurus from the classic One Million Years B.C. (1966) featuring stop motion animation by Ray Harryhausen. They had previously displayed an unpainted prototype, but had a painted one this time at NYCC. Unlike before, though, a companion human character from this fight scene was revealed this weekend.

The 30cm Series Allosaurus is expected to be released next summer. And if all goes well, X-Plus has several other creatures from One Million Years B.C. planned!

Real Master Collection Godzilla Final Wars Poster Version.

And finally, another complete surprise: the RMC Godzilla 2004 Poster Version. This will be a new entry into X-Plus’ Real Master Collection and the Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection. This will be a RESIN statue based on early poster for the film Godzilla Final Wars (2004) which features a design not used in the film. No word yet on on a release date.

X-Plus also displayed an array of their very successful DefoReal line featuring Rodan 2019, Mothra 2019, Godzilla 1999, Orga and more.