Preorder Alert! Standing Baragon 1965 to be Reissued

Now up for Preorder is the Toho Large Monster Series Baragon (1965) Fierce Battle Color Version vinyl figure by X-Plus. This is a reissue of the Standing Version Baragon released way back in 2013. It will make for a great companion to the 25cm Frankenstein If you missed this guy, here’s your chance! Read on for all of the dates, details, prices and photos. […]

GodzillaFanFreaks Reviews the X-Plus 25cm Baragon Vinyl Figure

GodzillaFanFreaks reviews the X-Plus Toho Large Monster Series Baragon 1965 (Standing) 東宝大怪獣シリーズ 「バラゴン(1965年版) 立ちポーズ」 vinyl figure. Plus, see the Kaiju Addicts Review of the X-Plus (standing) Baragon here! See more videos at GodzillaFanFreaks Youtube Channel.

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UPDATED: Wonderfest Special Announced: It’s Baragon!

ORIGINAL 30CM SERIES BARAGON RELEASE. PHOTO: X-PLUS X-Plus just tweeted that the Wonderfest special will be a re-issue of the 30cm Series Baragon 1968 with light-up horn gimmick. This is a great chance to grab this guy if you missed him, especially since Baragon is absent from the teased figures in the Diamond Previews spread. ORIGINAL TWEET: "WF2014冬】開催記念商品「東宝30cmシリーズ バラゴン(1968)発光Ver.」を販売予定です。販売数や方法は後日告知いたしますので、お待ちください!" See the Wonder Fest Baragon Page on the X-Plus Ric Boy site. UPDATE! Apparently, X-Plus will have a lottery to decide who will be able to buy one of the 40 WF Web Sale Baragons which were made. BAD NEWS if you are not in Japan. It seems that the only payment option available will be Collect On Delivery. So, if you use a forwarding service like (because the Ric Boy site does not ship overseas) then you are out of luck since Tenso won't do that. I was excited for this figure and planned a review but it looks like I'm one of those out of luck on this one. --Sniff-- However, if you are in Japan, you can join the lottery and get a chance at being able to purchase a Wonder Fest Baragon re-issue. Visit on February 17 for your chance to buy one. Good Luck! がんばって!

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Rich Eso Reviews the X-Plus Baragon 1965 (Standing) Vinyl Figure

Godzilla fanatic Rich Eso looks at the new Baragon 1965 (Large Monster Series) vinyl figure just released by X-Plus. Rich is lucky enough to have the elusive crawling Baragon as well and compares the two. See the rest of Rich's video at his YouTube Channel!

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