Leslie Chambers Reviews the Large Monster Series Godzilla 1964

Leslie Chambers looks back at the Toho Large Monster Series Godzilla 1964 Standard Version vinyl figure by X-Plus.

• See more of Leslie’s reviews at his YouTube Channel.

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Combining an Original 25cm Godzilla 1964 with the new Mothra 1964

Combining an original Godzilla '64 with the new Mothra '64.

The new Large Monster Series Mothra 1964 Ric Boy version came paired with a re-issue of the Large Monster Series Godzilla 1964. Some collectors, though, already had the original release of the 25cm Series Godzilla ’64 already sitting on their shelves and so opted to buy Mothra solo.

Thing is, there’s a footprint on Mothra’s sandy base meant for Godzilla’s foot to rest in. The new G’64 comes with a small base that rests under his tail and lets one foot sit on Mothra’s base and the other on the shelf. Owners of the original Godzilla ’64, though, have a completely different, fuller base with raises the figure slightly off the shelf and supports it into a standing position. (The figure can’t stand properly without something holding the tail up.)

Footprint on Mothra Base.

Now, just because you have an original Godzilla beside a new Mothra doesn’t mean you can’t arrange them the same way as the Ric set was meant to. As I already demonstrated in my recent 25cm Godzilla 1964 Review, you can have the figure stand directly on the shelf and still use the base to support the tail, just not in the way in which it was intended.

So, if you like, you can still “connect” these two figures even if you don’t have that new mini base for Godzilla. Just press his foot into the footprint, press and hold it while sliding the original base behind him until his right heal and tail rest on it.

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Creating Stomping Grounds for X-Plus with N-Scale Buildings

N Scale Buildings and X-Plus promo graphic.

N Scale Buildings made for electric train sets are a great way to add even more interest and pizzazz to your X-Plus collection. You can scatter them between figures on the shelves. Or, you can create entire dioramas using not only N Scale buildings but environment elements like hills and trees. Plus, toy photographers can reach new levels of awesomeness by incorporating them into their shots. Having Godzilla on your shelf is cool. But having him tower over buildings is potentially cooler! N Scale buildings help make these 12-inch X-Plus vinyls feel a little bigger on the shelf.

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Mothra / Godzilla 1964 Base News

I’m not sure how I missed this but X-Plus showed off the base design for the new Large Monster Series Mothra 1964 Ric Boy Exclusive with Godzilla 1964 on their blog.

Base for the Large Monster Series Mothra 1964 vinyl figure by X-Plus.

Looks like the egg will indeed be removable from the base. Good news, methinks! You now have options as to how you want it to look on your shelves. And toy photographers, rejoice! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of ‘outside’ shots of this set.

Tail base for the Large Monster Series Godzilla 1964 vinyl figure by X-Plus.

And this photo settles the question “Will G’64 come with the base?” once and for all. Instead of the rocky platform that rose previous releases of the 25cm Godzilla 1964 to a height above other Godzilla figures in the line, you’ll be getting a little tail support instead. I kind of like this. Now Godzilla 1964 will be level with his brothers on the shelf.

I kind of wish X-Plus would make this rocky nub available separately for those of us who already have the G’64 and don’t like the original base. But, don’t fret. If you have an original and want your 64’s feet on the ground, I have an idea for that you use right now on my review.

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FULL REVIEW: X-Plus Toho Large Monster Series Godzilla 1964 Vinyl Figure

Kaiju Addicts Review of the 25cm Godzilla 1964 vinyl figure by x-Plus.

The Toho Large Monster Series Godzilla 1964 was released by X-Plus in early 2012. It’s modeled after the suit as it appeared in Mothra vs. Godzilla. This suit was used again (with some modifications) in Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster which also came out in 1964. Depending on your level of OCD, this figure will do fine to represent either movie on your shelves.

This figure is getting re-issued. Click inside the review for more information.

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X-Plus Mothra 1964, Godzilla 1964, 1989, Biollante and Yuji Sakai Godzilla 1991 at Winter Wonder Festival 2015

Large Monster Series Mothra Imago 1964, Godzilla 1964 and 1989 at Winter Wonder Festival.

Winter Wonder Festival in Chiba, Japan is just getting started and already we have a couple peeks at the X-Plus table. Here’s our first look at a painted version of the upcoming Large Monster Series Mothra Imago 1964! Beside her is the LMS Godzilla 1964 which is expected to get re-issued.

Large Monster Series Biollante on the X-Plus table at Winter Wonder Festival.

And perhaps even (literally) bigger news is the presence of the Large Monster Series Biollante on the table. WOW! Collectors have been clamoring for a Biollante re-issue and it seems their wishes are about to come true. And she’s not alone, the Large Monster Series Godzilla 1989 is up for reissue as well!

Oh, wait, there’s more…

X-Plus Biollante and Godzilla 1989 at Winter Wonder Festival.

Both Biollante and Godzilla are coming with light gimmicks. You can see the 光 (hikari-light-shine) symbol on the sign! It also seems they will be bundled together in a set. There are reports that this set will go up for pre-order around May 2015.

Sign for the upcoming Yuji Sakai Godzilla 1991 by X-Plus at Winter Wonder Festival.

Not enough for ya? How about the next entry into the Yuji Sakai Modelling Collection? The Sakai Godzilla 1991 Hokkaido Version has been teased just like the first entry was with a sign on the table. And if you remember correctly, it was not long at all before the figure actually went up for pre-order!

X-Plus Yuji Sakai Godzilla 1991 prototype.

Here’s a photo of the prototype X-Plus sent to me last month. Lookin’ good!

If you have the Yuji Sakai Godzilla Dream Evolution book, turn to page 29 — that’s him!

Page from Yuji Sakai Dream Evolution book showing the resin Godzilla 1991 Hokkaido resin kit.

Sakai also made a Godzilla 1991 Shinjuku version which looks a bit too similar in pose to the 1989 Osaka version we already have. So I think the Hokkaido version was the better choice, especially since it has a closed mouth. (I’d like to see more closed-mouth figures.) The Hokkaido version also has killer arm and claw poses. It looks freaking awesome!

The Sakai Godzilla 1991 Hokkaido has a long, winding tail which seems to rise up higher than any other X-Plus Godzilla figure. Also, Sakai’s curious habit of sculpting the tail above the ground is back. Only this time it’s significantly higher than on the Sakai ’89. I really hope X-Plus plans on including a small mini-base for the tail to rest on.

Also on display at Wonder Festival was the special light-up reissue of the the 30cm Series Godzilla 2004 and the Ultraseven “Boss”. If you’re at the show you can grab one right now. But if you’re like most of us, you have to enter the online lottery for a chance to buy one.

Various Ultraman kaiju on display at the X-Plus table at Winter Wonder Festival 2015.

And there’s a bunch of new Ultraman kaiju being teased at Wonder Festival as well. Whew! There’s a TON of good stuff heading our way!

Although the X-Plus Godzilla 2014 was not at the show, staff told collector Sarawud Kongkiattiwong that the latest Goji should go up for pre-order at the end of March 2015.

Thanks to Toon Narak for the Mothra and Biollante photos and for Eakarach Monwat from the X-Plus Kaiju Collectors Club Facebook Page for sharing the photos!