X-Plus of the Day 10/29/19 – Large Monster Series Mothra 2001

Hanging out on my desk all day today is the Large Monster Series Favorite Sculptors Line Mothra 2001. Yes, she came in a set with Baragon 2001. I wanted to focus just on her today though. The fact that she came in a set may be part of the reason why I never look at her much on the shelves. Another reason may be because she's so small. We've been spoiled by the hugeness of the Mothra Imago 1961 and 1964. But, this size is accurate for GMK. It's been on my desk for only a few minutes and I'm already starting to notice new things about it. Despite its small size, it's a FANTASTIC vinyl. When you have well over 100 X-Plus figures, each one tends to blur out of focus in lieu of the collection as a whole. 'X-Plus of the Day' is when I select one of them and keep them on my desk for the day in an attempt to enjoy and appreciate it away from the busy shelves.