X-Plus Reveals Painted 30cm Series Mechagodzilla II Standard and RIC prototype with Garuda

ALL PHOTOS: X-PLUS Last week, at the Spring Miyazawa Model Exhibition in Japan, X-Plus displayed a painted prototype of their upcoming Toho 30cm Series Mechagodzilla II based on the giant mech from 1993's Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II. It looks like this figure is FINALLY getting ready to go up for pre-order! And it's been quite a wait. We first learned of this figure in late 2015 when we interviewed Gee Okamoto of X-Plus who revealed plans to begin work on it in 2016. X-Plus revealed the unpainted sculpt a while ago but we've seen nothing of it since then. Until now! The Standard Version will not come with Garuda attached to its back. Also note that the Plasma Grenade is in the CLOSED position, hidden behind a metal shield on its belly. For extra power, you'll need the RIC version which was just revealed today! (See below). Super Mechagodzilla Today, at Super Festival 74 in Japan, X-Plus brought Mechagodzilla II again. But this time they displayed the RIC exclusive. This version will feature an in-scale Garuda attached to its back forming Super Mechagodzilla. Garuda looks amazing. It's a shame all this detail will be facing the wall behind your shelf. UPDATE: I was told by X-Plus that Garuda is "fixed" onto Mechagodzilla and will not be removable and that Garuda's guns are also "fixed" and can not be rotated upward. If you want Mechagodzilla in his pure form, you'll need to grab a Standard version. Unlike the Standard version, Mechagodzilla's Plasma Grenade emitter is sculpted on his belly in the open position. That, in combination with Garuda's massive maser cannons and a mouth ray ready to fire, this Mechagodzilla II is ready for anything in [...]