X-Post TV Unboxes Gigantic Godzilla 2019 with Broken Leg!

엑스-포스 티브이 (X-Post TV) unboxes the X-Plus Gigantic Series Godzilla (2019) standard version vinyl figure and gets an unpleasant surprise. Aish jinja! The glue had failed on the figure’s left leg and was left dangling loose inside the box!

Considering the cost of this pricey entry into the Gigantic Series, this misfortune is even more maddening. However, this is an opportunity for the rest of us to learn more about this figure and how it is assembled. We now see that the legs on this figure are not reinforced with a flange (suction cup) gripping the inside of the body but instead are simply glued onto a flat surface. Keep this in mind when lifting and handling your own Gigantic Godzilla 2019. These legs are NOT handles! Always scoop the figure up from the groin and support the tail when handling.

This video also has more to offer. Multiple demonstrations give you an accurate view of how large this figure actually is. Also, this video does a fantastic job of showing you the awesome paint apps. You’ll want to watch this one!

(Note: This video is from South Korea but there is no speaking. Picture’s worth a thousands words.)

• See more video reviews at the X-Post TV YouTube Channel.

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