News: Hi-Res Photos for X-Plus January Releases at SciFi JAPAN

SciFi JAPAN just posted high resolution photos of the X-Plus January line-up which includes Ambassador Magma (Goldar) and Goa (Rodak) from The Space Giants. Also, from Ultraman Taro: Astromons, plus a Gudon and Twintail Set. Hurry! Preorders end January 14, 2014. Click here to see the images at SciFi JAPAN.

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More X-Plus June Releases Announced

I woke up this morning to a totally different looking X-Plus website! The 25cm Godzilla 1975 was announced featuring unpainted prototype photos. It seems the Ric Boy version will include an additional arm, one with an upturned hand to hold a MechaGodzilla head (no doubt utilized from your X-Plus Mechagodzilla 1975 Ric Boy in Robot Brain Mode.) Showa Gamera was announced and, get this: the Ric Boy version will include an additional set of arms, legs and head to allow you to make a Crawling Gamera. 30cm Godzilla 1964 is back, this time with a closed mouth (looks way better!) and a light up dorsal fin gimmick (again, on the Ric Boy version). And it looks like Goldar from Space Giants is set to make an appearance though no information has been revealed yet on him except for a tease. And, finally, there's four Ultraman figures announced. Go have a look at

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