X-Plus Godzilla 2014 slated for June; Kaiju Museum Update

Here we have our first look at the upcoming Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 vinyl figure by X-Plus... painted! Hmm. I don't remember his belly being that yellowish. I also don't remember his mouth being that red. He kind of looks like he just finished eating a live deer or something. I think perhaps the camera that took this shot is just making it look hyper saturated. And, ouch, that neck seam. Update: ah, I spoke too soon. Here's another shot with respectable colors: Still, the sculpt looks fantastic! And the texturing... wow! I want one! I WANT ONE NOW! But according to the sign at the bottom left of the photo, we're going to have to wait until June. (That, or pre-orders open. Either way, it's coming.) Also on display at this show (I don't know which show it is) are a couple more revelations concerning the upcoming Godzilla Kaiju Museum line. This 4-inchers are made of polyresin and if they are anything at all like their Ultraman cousins which came out a couple of years ago, they are gonna be cool. Though I'm still afraid that Gigan is going to break before it even get out of the box. Anyway, the big news here is they've added Godzilla 1964 and Mothra 1964 to the line-up. (Godzilla 2014, Gigan 2014 and Godzilla 1954 were previously shown and announced.) Also, it seems they've made a change to Gigan 2014. Earlier photos showed him with the simple claws, but now's he's sporting the rotating saws and neck brace. I WANT THESE, TOO! Thanks to the AmiAmi Blog for taking the photos!

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X-Plus shows off Toho Kaiju Museum Godzilla 2004 painted sample

X-Plus posted photos of a painted sample of their upcoming Toho Kaiju Museum Godzilla 2004. This 9-10cm miniature figurine is one of three of the first Godzilla franchise kaiju to be inducted into the series. Previously, the Kaiju Museum Series was limited to original Ultraman series characters of which nine were originally made. X-Plus just released two more Ultra kaiju along with a reissue of Pigmon for a total of 11. Click here to see a previous post on the Ultraman Kaiju Museum Series. The first Kaiju Museum figurines were made of polyresin and came with their own plastic display case. Yes, they are fragile and can break, but their size doesn't make that likely with normal handling, unless the figure has extra fine features. Three of the nine original Ultraman pieces I received were broken before they even came out of the box. I suspect it was due to the factory workers' carelessness as they inserted the figures into little plastic bags before sealing them in the protective plastic clamshell packaging. I will assume that X-Plus has figured out a way to resolve that since they're bringing the line back. Especially since one of the first new figurines will be the ultra-spikey Gigan 2004. I'm actually really looking forward to these new figurines. No word yet on when they will be up or preorder.

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X-Plus Reveals 30cm Godzilla 2014 and New Godzilla Kaiju Museum Line

30CM SERIES GODZILLA 2014 X-Plus revealed an unpainted prototype of their upcoming 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition this month. No word yet on exact size and expected release. KAIJU MUSEUM GODZILLA LINE Also revealed: A new line of mini Godzilla figures in the X-Plus Kaiju Museum Series. These are made of polystone and are about 3.5 inches tall. Previous entries in this line included kaiju from the original Ultraman series which have insane detail and came with its own display case. (Photo credits go to Dengeki Hobby.)

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