X-Plus continues its Legendary lineup with Pacific Rim Knifehead

Large Monster Series Pacific Rim Knifehead vinyl figure by X-Plus.

Today, X-Plus announced the Large Monster Series Pacific Rim Knifehead (大怪獣シリーズ パシフィック・リム 「ナイフヘッド」) vinyl figure. It comes in both Standard and Ric Boy Exclusive versions.

The figure looks like another outstanding high-end vinyl with fantastic attention to detail, especially in its musculature and many skin textures. At first glance, though, something seems to be off. It could be that I’m simply too accustomed to seeing only the NECA versions (which seem to clash on a couple of details with this figure). Well, I’ll reserve judgement on that until it arrives (because, oh, hell yeah, I’m getting it.)

Above is a recent Twitter video from X-Plus. You’ll note the clearly visible seams. Note that this is just the prototype. The finished product will look a lot better.

The X-Plus Ric Boy site reports that the figure stands about 30cm (11.8 inches) tall. One wonders why it’s not in the 30cm Series, but instead the Large Monster Series, where a typical figure stands only 25cm. I won’t guess right now and, instead, save that for the future review.

Large Monster Series Knifehead and Leatherback vinyl figures by X-Plus.

The new Knifehead figure will be considerably larger than the Large Monster Series Pacific Rim Leatherback which was released last August. But don’t worry. It’s supposed to be that way. According to Pacific Rim Wiki, Leatherback, a Category IV kaiju is 267 feet tall. Knifehead, a Category III, stands taller at 315 feet. So though it may be hard to see in the movie, these guys just are not the same size.

Artist Jaroslav Kosmina back this up in his now famouse Kaiju Size Chart:

Kaiju Size Chart by Jaroslav Kosmina. Used with Permission.

Knifehead Ric Boy Exclusive Version

Large Monster Series Pacific Rim Knifehead Ric Boy version vinyl figure by X-Plus.

The exclusive Ric Boy version, available only from X-Plus’ online Ric Boy store, has some extra features.

Firstly, a large spatter of blue kaiju blood; battle damage from a rough encounter with jaegar, Gipsy Danger. The “design” of this spatter is very impressive with an intricate coastline carefully drawn.

The confusing part of this blood, though, is when it can be seen. The Ric Boy site, when translated by Google, seems to say that it’s visible only with a black light. And yet the photos seem to show a Knifehead in normal room light. So what’s going on?

I reached out to X-Plus for an answer and I believe what they were trying to say is that it appears clear in normal light, and fluorescent in black light. Perhaps they touched up their photos in Photoshop then to show off the figure and the blood effect in the same light?

One of the photos of Knifehead on the X-Plus site seams to show it with a blue light gimmick emitting from the eyes and from within the mouth. Again, the text on the page says absolutely nothing at all about a light gimmick. And the Product Material list doesn’t mention the batteries as they usually do. So, sorry, I really don’t know what to tell you.

This is the second vinyl in X-Plus’ Pacific Rim series. The first was the Large Monster Series Pacific Rim Leatherback which was released last August. Knifehead is also their fourth in their catalog of figures based on films from Legendary Entertainment. The 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 came out in July 2015 and the 30cm Series Godzilla 2014 Roaring Version in February 2016.

X-Plus Leatherback vinyl figure with Godzilla 2014 Roaring version.

What’s fan-fuckin-great about all of these is that they are not that far off from being in scale with each other. Technically, the Pacific Rim figures should be a tad smaller in order to stand beside Legendary’s Godzilla. But they look good together on the shelf as they are. I am a freak about proper scale and yet I have no problem displaying these together.

All three of our favorite Japanese stores have English versions of their site and will ship directly to you.

Hobby Search is offering it for ¥14,999 ($145 USD).

AmiAmi is offering it for ¥15,260 ($146 USD).

Hobby Link Japan is offering it for ¥15,833 ($151 USD). (Just make sure to tell them to use EMS. They always want to use FedEx by default and that’s crazy expensive.

You can preorder the Large Monster Series Pacific Rim Knifehead Ric Boy Exclusive version for ¥17,999 ($172 USD) at X-Plus’ online Ric Boy Store.

The preorder window closes “November 8 18”. What the hell does that mean? Got me. Pick one. Stick with the 8 just in case.

Expected release is mid-December 2016.

Now… where’s my X-Plus 30cm Female MUTO???

See more photos of the X-Plus Large Monster Series Pacific Rim Knifehead on the Ric Boy site.
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