Hi-res Pics of New Large Monster Series Hedorah, Godzilla 2004 and Spectreman from SciFiJapan.com

Late last month, X-Plus added several teases on their front page. Darkened images clearly show a new Large Monster Series (25cm Series) Hedorah. This new Smoggie is seen with both its arms drooping down and raised in the air. It's also seen with a damaged eye patch and without. Looks like the RIC Boy version is the way to go with this one! Also shown are painted images of the new Large Monster Series Godzilla 2004 which we've been following since the unpainted prototype first appeared at Winter Wonder Festival last February in Japan. A new Large Monster Series Spectreman is also on the way. All three are expected to land this June. Keep watching X-Plus' website for new info on when preorders open. In the meantime, visit our friends at ScifiJapan.com and check out the high resolution photos of each figure!