X-Plus Ebirah vinyl posed on a rock.

Is your X-Plus Large Monster Series Ebirah vinyl figure just laying there on the shelf in a lifeless lobster pose? Get a rock and read on!

Let’s face it: the X-Plus Ebirah doesn’t have great shelf presence. It just lies low on all fours (eights?). Granted, his body didn’t offer many options for the sculptor to create a dynamic pose. But that doesn’t mean your vinyl sea monster needs to hang low, making a big dip in your X-Plus shelf skyline.

X-Plus Godzilla 1966 and Ebirah shelf pose idea one.

Using a rock to give Ebirah a boost puts him in a better position to face the X-Plus Godzilla 1966. And it looks cool, too.

Choose your rock wisely. The sloped rock pictured here is a perfect size and shape. Plus it has some ridges which allow Ebirah’s smaller legs to grab on to.

If you’re worried about having something so heavy high up and potentially over heads, just look for a lighter rock. Metamorphic and especially sedimentary rocks are much lighter. Consider a piece of coral. That would be super light and fit the sea monster theme.

If you find yourself in a place where you can go rock shopping, but don’t happen to have your Ebirah figure with you, just remember a softball-sized rock will do the trick.

X-Plus Godzilla 1966 and Ebirah shelf pose idea two.

You can pose your Ebirah at different elevations simply by pushing him further up the rock. If he wants to slide back, support his tail with the wall, another figure or another, smaller rock.

And remember: the arms on the X-Plus Ebirah are poseable. They could be angled downward to hug the rock or raised even higher to engage Godzilla.

GOTCHA: Tilting Ebirah up so that some of his weight rests on his soft vinyl tail may bend it over time. It seems pretty sturdy to me, but you might have to consider this. To counter it, you could always… get another rock, and place it above his tail for more support.