Collector Nate Ashby supports his 25cm Rodan 1956 with a bit of fishing line.

X-Plus collector Nate Ashby has come up with a solution for making sure your Rodan vinyls don’t topple over. This trick will work with the Large Monster Series Rodan 1956 as well as the 30cm Series and Large Monster Series Rodan 1964.

Figures like this have small legs and feet which tend to bend slowly over time when the temperature gets high enough. This often results in the feet bending upward followed by the figure eventually falling down. While you can correct this when it happens by heating and reshaping the legs, you’re just setting the stage for it happen again later.

Nate Ashby has a solution. It may be a bit of work, but if you follow his lead, you’ll never have to worry about your Rodan falling over ever again.

He drilled a small hole in the side of the shelf above with a dermal and ran a loop of 6lb fishing line. The line is strong and pretty much invisible.

If you don’t use plastic shelve units, you may be able to duplicate this process with fishing line and a simple push pin (if you mind putting a hole in your wall).

You can also use my “buddy system” which can be found in my X-Plus 30cm Series Rodan 1964 Review.