X-Plus Yuji Sakai Godzilla 2001 announced.

X-Plus has just announced the Toho 30cm Series Yuji Sakai Modelling Collection Godzilla 2001, (東宝30cmシリーズ 酒井ゆうじ造形コレクション
ゴジラ2001「ゴジラ・モスラ・キングギドラ 大怪獣総攻撃」
), the third in this “sub-series” and 4th Sakai overall.

Like the Yuji Sakai Godzilla 1989 and Godzilla 1991, this one comes in a little shy of 30cm and reaches only to 28cm (11 inches). It’s 22cm (8.6 inches) long.

The Ric Boy version will have light-up fins. It will come with the new style battery box which holds four AAA batteries. The cost is ¥28,620 (currently $235.63 USD). Yup, the Sakai name is gonna cost you again!

Pre-orders for the Ric version are open now and will close on December 24 (Christmas Eve). So you’ve got only two weeks to order! It is expected to ship late January / early February 2016.

There will be a Standard Version available in stores and web shops for ¥27,000 (currently $222 USD). Not much of a difference in price at all this time around. You may as well go for the Ric on this one.

To see more of this figure, visit the X-Plus Ric Boy site. If you have the Yuji Sakai Godzilla Dream Evolution book, turn to page 34 to check out the resin original which this vinyl is based on.

To order it directly from X-Plus, visit the Ric Boy Online Shop here.