Large Monster Series Firemons vinyl figure by X-Plus. Photo by Vince Elliot.

By Vince Elliot / Contributor

The latest addition to the X-Plus‘ line of Ultraman Ace figures is the mass of vinyl known as Large Monster Series Firemons (大怪獣シリーズ ファイヤーモンス). It was released in August 2017.

Firemons is not the most recognizable kaiju out there, but did X-Plus ever do this guy justice!

Anyone familiar with the Ultraman Ace line knows that the figures are always top notch, but Firemons is next level. Right out of the box, the size of the figure catches your attention (not to mention the array of colors and the overall insane design).

This is one of the rare times when X-Plus used a blind box on a 25cm Ultraman figure instead of the usual window box. If you’re familiar with the Toho 30cm Series brown “shadow” boxes, it’s the same deal. But, enough about the damn box. Let’s get into this insane figure.

X-Plus Firemons vinyl figure among other Ultra kaiju vinyls by X-Plus. Photo by Vince Elliot.

Ok, so: Firemons is a bit over the top. Let’s just say that, he’s a part of the “25cm Series”, but he’s actually closer to 30cm in height. It towers over any Ultraman figure, like most of his fellow kaiju.

The figure has a generic action pose: he’s ready to slice and dice with a fire sword, because you know damn well he needs a fire sword …because everything’s cooler with a fire sword, right? Speaking of the fire sword, I really commend X-Plus for attempting this effect, I think they did a solid job, all things considered. The flame effect is nice, and they even took the time to sculpt the design of the handle, and not treat it as just a generic piece. Note, the sword is NOT sculpted with the hand, it’s a separate piece. Also, it can be tricky to keep in his hand.

Rear view of the X-Plus Firemons figure and a close up of his fire sword. Photos by Vince Elliot.

Another thing worth mentioning is the work done to the individual tassels, spikes, skirt (?) and whatever else you want to call it on this figure. They’re all extremely well done.

The paint job features perfectly airbrushed transitions from blue to yellow-brown/dirt like hues on the legs, which add another great dimension of attention. Eye detail is strong as always with the Ultra line, as they use decals to capture the unique eyes. The Ace series is notorious for “stained glass” type eyes, focusing on very line-heavy designs. X-Plus always does a great job capturing those small details with their Ultra figures.

The X-Plus Firemons vinyl figure beside the X-Plus Ultraman Ace. Photo by Vince Elliot.

The figure scales perfectly with any X-Plus version of Ultraman Ace. Firemons towered over him in the 1972 television series, and this figure is just the same. Unlike the original 1966 series line and the Ultraseven line (featuring older, smaller figures), the Ace line is pretty consistent in terms of the kaiju being scaled larger than the Ultra.

All in all, Firemons is a great addition to the Ultraman Ace line up. The line has no shortage of color and amazing detail, featuring the likes of Verokron, Jumbo King, Aribunta and the recently released Garan. Given the size, detail and shelf presence, I would rate Firemons extremely high in the line, which is saying something.

With Doragory coming next month, and King Crab in the works, X-Plus is definitely spoiling Ace fans!