X-Plus Toho 30cm Series Shin Godzilla 2016 Third Form vinyl figure.

The Toho 30cm Series Godzilla (2016) Third Form (東宝30cmシリーズ ゴジラ(2016) 第3形態) just opened for preorders on X-PlusShonen Ric website.

This version of Shin Godzilla is the intermediate form between the crawling “Kamatakun” form and the fully grown Fourth Form.

This guy didn’t have that much screen and probably gets the least amount of attention among all of the forms seen the movie (with the exception of the tail first form).

When combined with the Large Monster Series Godzilla (2016) Second Form and the Gigantic Series Shin Godzilla, they form a roughly in-scale display of the monsters progression from the movie.

This figure fits right in with the 30cm Series with a height of 29cm (11.4 inches). As for the length, it’s reportedly 48cm (18.90 inches) long. That’s pretty impressive — and that’s with about half of the tail curling straight up. Most 30cm figures are only about 15 inches long.

That 48cm is probably going from nose to tail so you won’t need 19-inch-deep shelves to hold this guy as his feet land just slightly over half its length.

Though this form was able to stand taller, it is posed in a drastic and dynamic forward lean in mid-roar. The photos reveal fantastic details and textures. It’s looks freakin’ awesome.

It’s hard to get a “feel” for how big this figure will be and, unfortunately, X-Plus didn’t provide a photo of someone holding it. I tried to mimic how big this figure would be [ROUGHLY] by sizing it on my monitor and comparing it to my hand. I think this should be pretty close, but don’t hate me if I got it wrong.

Super rough size comparison between sized image and my hand.

You know, I’m not even sure we can call this a RIC since there are no extras. And even X-Plus doesn’t mention the usual “ショウネンリック限定商品” (Shonen Ric Limited Item).

But the distinction needs to be made: you can order this only from the RIC site, the Premium Bandai Store and the Godzilla Store. All three sites are in Japanese and won’t ship overseas. You’re more than likely to find some middleman stores and dealers selling them on the gray market though. We will probably have some available at Flossie’s after they are released.

The figure will come in a blind box (typical for a 30) and the tail will need to be attached by you.

The price is ¥19,980 (Currently $181 USD).

Pre-orders opened August 4 and, like the other Shin Godzilla figures before it, it has no pre-order deadline. Orders will simply close suddenly when X-Plus reaches their sales target. There’s no way of knowing when this will happen so this isn’t an ideal situation for the undecided. If it helps any, the Second Form was up for pre-order for quite a while (longer than I expected).

The Toho 30cm Series Godzilla (2016) Third Form is expected to ship in November 2017.