The month of G. X-Plus announces Gorosaurus 1968, Gamera 1971 and a Gigantic GMK kit.


Toho Large Monster Series Gorosaurus 1968 vinyl figure.

The 25cm Gorosaurus is back…. sort of. This “re-issue” uses the Gorosaurus 1967 sculpt (from King Kong Escapes) and combines it with paint modifications so that it matches the look of the 1968 Destroy All Monsters version of the suit. Got that? Same figure, slightly different paint and ever so slightly different name.

The original Large Monster Series Gorosaurus 1967 Ric Boy came with a miniature of the sub from King Kong Escapes. From what I can tell from Google Chrome’s lacking translation of the X-Plus site, this sub is NOT included with this 1968 version. And I guess that makes sense since there was no 1967 sub in Destroy All Monsters. They’re getting ya on a technicality here!

Despite the apparent lack of an extra sub, this figure is still listed as a Ric, which leads me to believe that it will be available only from the Ric Site. Keep in mind I’m working off a crappy translation. Don’t get pissed if I got it wrong!

The Toho Large Monster Series (25cm) Gorosaurus 1968 is up for pre-order now at the Ric site. Orders will be taken until April 17. It’s expected to ship late May / early June.

The price is ¥11,988 (currently $99.79 USD). Click here to see more photos on the Ric Site and to order.


Daiei Large Monster Series Gamera 1971 vinyl figure.

This one sure took it’s sweet time. The 25cm series Gamera 1971 from Gamera vs. Zigra is finally up for pre-order. The Ric Boy version comes with a mini (swimming?) Gamera figure.

I still don’t know if there is a standard version which would be available on sites like Ami Ami and Hobby Search. Keep watching those sites to find out.

Orders are being taken now at the Ric site until April 17. It’s expected to ship late May / early June.

The price is ¥12,960 (currently $107.89 USD). Click here to see more photos on the Ric Site and to order.


X-Plus Gigantic Series Godzilla 2001 vinyl figure.

The Sofvi.Tokyo website spilled the beans on yet another incarnation of the Gigantic Series Godzilla 2001. It’s another un-assembled, unpainted KIT. But this time, the fins will be translucent so that you could install your own lights while building it.

It will be available at the Super Festival 68 model and toy show on April 26, 2015. …OR, on May 5 at the Amazing Model Expo in Osaka. Sorry, I don’t which is which since I’m just — again — working working off a translation of the site. Just know that if you see a listing in the future for a Gigantic GMK kit with clear fins on Ebay or something, it’s not a mistake.

According to, the kit will be limited to 100 units. The list the price as ¥18,000 (currently $149.84 USD). NICE PRICE… if you good at building and painting!

DISCLAIMER: As usual, I get 95% of my info the same as you so please be lenient if I got any facts wrong!